Thursday, July 16, 2020

Bakcang32 - Mom Story Part 2

In a blink of an eye.. a week has passed.. wtf
Like what? How can it be? I said I wanna write something everyday..  What did I do??? LOL

Yes 2020 ain't like the year we all hope for, but looking back, we are half year towards the end of the year already! Yay to us for surviving the first half! Hahhaa

Anyway continuing on the last post.
When we first started off the quarantine/lock down/PSBB/WFH/any terms that ask us to stay at home, back in March, I was actually pretty happy lol. My introvert side was happy that I don't have to deal with people hahaha. My parents and siblings also all stay at home. Almost every meal we eat together. 

Then come April, everyone starts to get bored and not sure what to do. A lot of holidays somemore!

My mom starts to cook a lot of new dishes hahaha. 
One day, my sister asked her to make bakcang / zong zi.

Sometime in March, one of my friend suddenly ping me and said she craved for my mom's bakcang and asked if my mom will make some, she would like to buy. Then I told her if my mom make, I will send her some.

Then my mom made bakcang as requested by my sis. I send some to my friend and told mom about last month one friend actually ask my mom to sell bakcang coz she would like to buy. 

Two days after that, my mom suddenly ask me to take picture of the bakcang and open pre-order for the weekend. I was a bit surprised but of course I followed her request. I told in my siblings group that mom would sell bakcang, everyone please support. 

So we did open pre-order for bakcang and to our surprise the feedback was overwhelming!
Suddenly about 200 pcs order and we're like "can mom actually make this many??"
The order keep coming and it really was beyond our expectation!

But I have work to do so I can only help her during the weekend and it was so fortunate there were a lot of public holidays and long weekends.

Since the market acceptance was so good, after a month of selling thru my own social media, I decided to make it official. We brand it as "Bakcang32" and started off the journey of officially selling it.

June was bakcang month. The day we are supposed to eat bakcang this year falls on June 25 (called dragon boat festival), so we made the dragon boat festival package and it was selling so good! Many days our order were fully booked and everyone has to work until very very late at night (1AM!)

In short, the bakcang was selling so good in June.

That same June is the same month of the flooding which cause mom's shop to loss a lot of her inventory. 

I can only say that really, God loves mom so much.
Even before the flooding happen. He provides.

I told mom that she is really blessed indeed. Yes she may have lost a lot. (really A LOT)
and 2 months selling bakcang can't cover all her lost yet but it does cover some.

Besides, because she is busy making bakcang, her thought is occupied with bakcang and she did not spend her time thinking and stressing about her shop.

I am reminded of this verse: 

25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 


We are still selling though! Although it's no longer bakcang month and the demand is not as high as June but we are still surviving! Now we even sell bakpao in addition to bakcang hahahaha.

Check us out :)

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

God Provides - Mom Story Part 1

4:58 PM

Thinking what I should write today.

7 July 2020.

Pandemic is happening around the world. Corona virus is spreading and since 16 March 2020, my company has instructed us to work from home instead of coming to the office.

So until now it has been almost 4 months I have been working from home.
Most companies have started the 'new normal' meaning they have been back to office but with health protocol. Fortunately my company still has not. We are encouraged to have online meeting but if we really need to have face2face meeting, we are required to get a few approvals.

Due to this event, many businesses have gotten impacted, one of them is my mom's shop.
She can't open her shop since mid of March, that means no income at all. But she still has to pay her employees. May was our Hari Raya, so extra incentive on that month.

Early June, suddenly there was big flood in the harbor where her shop is located. Resulting in her shop was flooded badly, and most (if not all) of her shop stuffs... got destroyed and can't be sold anymore.

It was a big surprised to all of us. I mean, no rain whatsoever but suddenly flooding? And all this time even heavy rain never any flood tearing apart the shop. So who would have prepared for a big flood?

Her employee was telling her to not come to the shop because mom would get so stressed out if she sees the shop.

I know she is stressed out.. who would have not? No income, still have responsibility to her employee and suddenly her stocks got ruined. But she never complained. She strongly faced it and never even once complained about her situation. 

Instead, she worked very hard.
and God blessed her so much.

To be continued tomorrow on how God provides for her despite her situation. 

Monday, July 06, 2020

My Perfect Life

What would happen if I spare a few minutes everyday to write.. just anything in my mind? 

I thought my life was perfect. I really thought my life was perfect.

I have healthy parents.
I have big sister, big brother, little brother.
I have roof above me.
I don't need to worry what to wear, what to eat.
I have loving friends.
I am healthy.
I have a job.

I really thought my life was perfect.

Until I started to get all stressed out, and figured wow my life is everything but perfect.

I don't think I am ready to write on what makes my life isn't perfect here, but I guess just like everyone else there are simply problems everywhere.

How come I thought it was perfect? The problems existed since long time ago.
How come only now I see that it ain't perfect at all?

and it occurs to me that, I was always being very grateful with everything in my life. 

I am grateful I have healthy parents.
I am grateful I have big sister, big brother, little brother.
I am grateful I have roof above me.
I am grateful I don't need to worry what to wear, what to eat.
I am grateful I have loving friends.
I am grateful I am healthy.
I am grateful I have a job.

Despite all the flaws and the problems, I always tried to look at the positive side and be grateful for it.
That.. was the key of my perfect life.

So now why suddenly the realization?
Am I not being grateful anymore?

and the answer would be yes. 
Truthfully I was SO busy that I have not spent my time with God anymore. I was lost and was only focusing on the problems and complaining all the time. Acting up like I have the biggest problems in the world. I blame it on my busy life. 

I was annoyed with everyone for not understanding me, not understanding my busy life.

And that's when I know my life ain't perfect..

And then I realize my life was perfect because I have God and grateful was the key to my perfect life.

Friday, July 03, 2020

3 July 2020 2:01 PM

3 July 2020

I am not feeling so good, as in the mood, not my physical health.

I feel tired, with bad mood all the way.
Nope, it's not because my period is coming. 
It's simply because I am tired with my routine.

But not everyday I feel this way.
Most days I feel extremely grateful with my routine.

I mean look at my life. I have shelter, I have parents, siblings, job, side jobs, friends. I am healthy. What's not to be grateful at?

But occasionally, like today, I feel like shit.

Why am I doing everything I am doing?
Why is my dad like this?
Why is my mom like this?
Why should I do everything? 
Why is everyone so annoying?

I am tired.

I am just tired.

This results in me not treating my friends well, one annoying sentence from them and then I will scold them lololol. I feel bad though. I know bad attitude can't be justified whether I am in good mood or not.

Anyway that is why I decided to just write this. To at least, let it all out.

I just ordered and ate my favorite crepes too.
And drank Starbucks coffee.

I feel a bit better and ready to continue my endless work again lolol.

Sunday, May 05, 2019

Jan - 5 May 2019


5 months have passed in this 2019 and I haven't even written any post.

If my last post was me wondering what I have been doing.. this post I know the answer!
I have been so busy travelling and having holiday LOL I really don't have the time to sit down and write my thoughts!

2019 has been crazy for me in terms of travelling!!

This year starts with my trip to Bali on 17-19 Jan..

Blue, Beach, Best Friend... Bali 🖤

22 to 23 Jan to Surabaya.. fun business trip though!

Found a mirror and we're like let's all try to get the best picture..

15 - 24 Feb to Switzerland
I wish I have the time to blog about this.. or at least, show off my pictures LOL
Switzerland was amazing!

It was freezing I look like a Teddy ready to be hugged

1 - 11 Mar to USA.. Get to see Grand Canyon and Horseshoe bend. Went to Vegas and Beverly Hills! Another amazing trip I'd love to show off my pictures as well hahaha.

One of my bucket list checked ☑

Korea Spring Trip

hahaha I super love this picture!! 

26 - 28 April to Singapore just to watch ED SHEERAN!!

Champion Twinning with the boyfie

and.. I actually just landed from Bali (again) today..

I will be heading to Germany and Prague next week!! WOOHOO!! and.. I just booked November ticket to KL to attend Tracy's wedding..

So in between this.. when I am in Jakarta, I usually take my time seriously for rest and work and meet up with friends. That's why I haven't really gotten so much time to do other things. I have to prioritize right.. and I realize blogging / writing isn't really much on my priority list. T_T

Still have to juggle my time for exercising (which has been abandoned for so long due) and taking care of Pumpkin. Not forgetting I have rarely watched Korean drama already nowadays..

I am so so so grateful. I have been so blessed with the chance of travelling to so many places. I am forever grateful for this!!

I also want to keep record of my birthday this year coz the love I received every year is more and more and more and I am just left speechless with all the love that I don't deserve. (I will try my best to post it lol)

Now that was sort of the summary of my early 2019 lol, will try my best to write another post later!

off now.