Sunday, April 15, 2018

Short Reflection

I will be turning 26 in three more days. It's sort of a big deal for me these days lol. Like what have I done???

Anyway, I was telling my bro and sis earlier to not forget to get me presents. My sister was like, "Anything you want? I think you already have everything. What else do you not have?"

"Chanel bag"

Okay well yea except that Chanel bag which I still yet to buy until now, I reflect back at my life and she's right. I sort of already have the things I could possibly have or want. I might not be like those super rich people with unlimited money, but I got my basic needs covered.

I have a roof on top of me, though it's my parents'.
I got a car and productivity tools to help me on my daily activities.
I can exercise.
I can eat whatever I want anytime.
I can buy the basic things I need.
I can travel a few times a year.
I can even give back.

I could not ask for more.
I breathe.
I am covered.
I am content.
I am grateful.

Then I saw this on Quora.

I guess, in my 25, I have made it in life :)

Monday, March 26, 2018

Characteristics of Mature Person

One Friday morning, I was listening to a short podcast by Jeffrey Rachmat on topic "Sacrifice". He was talking about the characteristics of mature person.

In short he said people who are mature have these two characteristics:

1. Responsible
2. Willingness to sacrifice

As the podcast title is Sacrifice, he elaborated more on that, and just casually mentioned about being responsible. At that time, I was like, how do we explain being responsible?

Then he proceed on explaining about sacrifice. Sacrifice means an act of giving up something valued. Sacrifice is related with something valuable, something precious. If it is not valued by us or for us, can't say it's a sacrifice.

So what's valuable for me? Have I really giving up on that something valuable for God?

Later in the afternoon, Sandy, our marketing, told me to get my shirt we made for an upcoming event next week. Sandy told me, out of two small size shirts, there's one which has a bit taint. She told me to just take the one in good condition, and she will give the faulty one to the other girl.

I said, "oh? you sure?"

She said, "do I have a choice here?"

Then I told her about the podcast I listened to this morning. Funny thing is when I told her, I cannot recall the first point. I said, "you see, this morning I listened to a podcast talking about the characteristics of mature people. I can't recall the first one, but the other characteristic is the willingness to sacrifice. Well, this is a small matter though, just give me the faulty one and let her have the one in good condition."

Sandy laughed and she said, "okay, practicing what you heard ya."

I said yea and thought to myself, "how can I sacrifice something valuable if I can't even sacrifice small thing?" Followed by, "what was the first characteristic again? How come I forgot about it already?"

On that same Friday, we were having office warming and we invited all partners to our new offices. I have been busy accompanying them and giving them office tour since early morning.

Finish with all that, I met up with one of my distributors and told him how tired I was giving a lot of office tours. He laughed and told me how industrious I am. I was like, "huh? If I am just doing my job, you can't say I am industrious right? It's just me doing what I am supposed to do. If I do things beyond miles, then yes, I am industrious. Isn't that how it's supposed to be?"

He said, "nope, you could have chosen to say no to that, and just not doing it."

"But, it's part of my job, right?"

"Nope, not everyone has that kind of responsibility, so obviously you are industrious."

Then it struck me. "Responsibility!" I sort of shouted. "That was the first characteristic!"

"I was listening to this podcast this morning about characteristics of mature people, and in the afternoon I was telling Sandy about it but I forgot about the first characteristic. The second one was willingness to sacrifice. Now that you said it, I suddenly remember, it was being responsible." Explain me to my distributor.

"Being responsible means having an obligation to do something as part of one's job"

I will not want to forget this day thus this post. The day when I listened to something in the morning, and get to learn about it right away throughout the day.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

I Challenge Me

It's the last day of the first month of this new year.


How time flies. (my most favorite line)


You see, when we approached the end of the year, entering the new year, there's this common activity "New Year, New Me"going on. Time for all those resolutions and all, that we usually forgot after few weeks. I, just like the crowd, worked on my 2018 resolutions. Now since it's suddenly end of month one already, I figured, why not I review on those? See if I actually made any progress. Hence, this blog post.

I will focus on two things that I have never done in the past and have challenged myself heavily in January.

1. Limit my time on social media.
Actually the reason I can write this blog post is because I reach home earlier today. Usually when I reach home early, I will just lay on my bed and scroll thru Instagram or Facebook till it's suddenly time to sleep.

This year, I decided to limit my time on social media (instagram & facebook, but I will focus more on instagram). I wanted to say I 'left' them already -although I sort of did- but I still opened them a few times in January, only to check if there are direct messages. However, I managed to NOT: scroll thru the feed, check out the explore, view every instastory, and stalk everyone.

Why did I do this?
Honestly and being very vulnerablely, often Instagram makes me feel the 'uncomfortable'. How could she be so pretty? so skinny? so flawless? so lucky? How could they always travel? Why are they so successful? That is a very nice bag, but damn why it has to be so expensive? How could these people afford it? The big family is so loving, what a family goal. How do they achieve that? The groups are so fun, they all do all sort of thing together. Why am I not in the group?

It left me with a lot of questions that lead to the big question: why can't my life be like that?

The truth is, I know everything is crafted.

I only post pictures where I look pretty.
Most of my post revolves around my trips.
My big family has regular meet ups and events.
I have too many groups of friends, I can't be in all events.

I actually kinda have that life I was looking at Instagram, only that, I don't always have the perfect Instagram pictures of all that. But why even knowing all these, I still feel miserable?

So when I was talking to one of my closest friend, Nia, she told me that she stops opening Instagram, and I was like, that's actually a good idea. Let me see if I can survive without it.

Surprise not surprise, I passed this month.

I rarely opened Instagram, except for, like I mentioned, a few times checking direct messages. I let some people know that I am on social media detox, so they will know that I will not know where they went on the weekend, or what they eat, or whatever is going on, and to not send me direct messages.

The result of this?

1. I do not know what is going on in people's lives. So when people talk about it, I have no idea. I told Nia about this, I was thinking, it's not good that I have no idea what is going on. Her response? "That's actually a good thing. We talk less about other people now."

2. I talk less about other people now.

3. I stop comparing. Then again, I don't know about other people lives so I have nothing to compare to. Left me to just feel grateful for whatever good things happen in my life, coz it does not have to be better than the others.

4. It feels as if I have extra time. There are times when I do not know what to do. I look at my phone and think "what should I do?" I end up reading more quora, play peak (it's a brain games), read more books, learn language in dualingo lol. I can even write this blog post! I think I use my brain more now lol.

5. I reply chats. lol. I used to have this habit of not replying chats... or reply it like a day after. Most of the time, instead of replying message, I open instagram. Now since I don't open instagram, I just chat with people and directly ask what's going on in their lives. By doing so, I kinda strengthen my relationships with those people I really care, and those people who really care about me (that bothers to chat me coz they can't find my life on instagram)

6. I am more present. I don't spend time being with others with mind wandering on other people's lives on Instagram. Let's admit it everyone, we do open instagram when we are with other people. Why? Why are we physically present with people but not caring about them and instead spend our time with them checking on other people lives again?

7. I don't feel the need to share whatever I am doing. Instagram is like a competition, who has the most hype life. Once you start sharing, you should keep on sharing because when you don't, people will think you are doing nothing, or you have a boring life not worth sharing. Once I stop sharing, I just free myself from that constant need to keep up in the competition.

8. I realize.. a lot of things do not matter. Seriously, why do we care so much about what other people eat, or where they go for holiday, or what new bag they use, or whatever it is they present. Not knowing this for a month, does not really affect my life, so really, those things do not matter at all. I bet nothing affects my followers lives as well for not knowing what I am up to for a month.

Overall, I feel good. I told my friend about this and he asked, so will I continue or the experiment stops here?

I am not sure. I don't think of this as an experiment yet I don't want to strictly say I quit Instagram. Probably like the title, I will just continue limitting my time on it.

2. No Shopping Year!
Ha! Anyone who knows me know how much I love to shop! There were always online shopping packages come to my office desk. Often when I look at my room, I feel like having too many stuffs but I still buy more stuffs. Until one day, I read a post in Quora about someone tried a "No Shopping Year". Upon reading that, I thought to myself, can I do this? Can I de-attach myself with these material stuffs? Can I control myself to not shop?

Challenge accepted!

But a year seems so long, so let's break it down a little. Half a year? Quarterly? How about monthly? Ok let's start with weekly.

I sort out the rules.. no more new bags, no more new shoes, no more new clothes, no more buying all those non-senses..

What I can buy limited to food, gifts, toiletries, and things that I really need.

I told my bf, several close friends, SO they will remind me, and SO I will stick to it coz I am too ashamed if have already been telling everyone but fail at it.

Guess what!! Today is the last day of the month and I sort of did it!!! Well, I cheated a bit lol.
I saw a Miiko agenda in the bookstore and thought it was cute, and I told my bf and he bought it for me haha.
I needed a new iphone case and because my cousin is selling iphone cases, I asked one from her.
My mom made new dress for me for Chinese New Year.

But other than that, I did not buy anything. I am proud of myself for passing this for a month!! This could be a result of point 1 as well. Not knowing results in not wanting. I did not open instagram so I did not see all the online shops as well.. so I did not want anything and so I did not buy anything. Knowing I don't wanna buy anything and can't buy anything, I did not go to shops as well. Again, not seeing = not wanting.

That is really the key to succeed in this. It was easy as I don't know what to buy so I don't buy.
But when I know there are thing to buy, I feel like buying them.

Like just now, I went to Stradivarius to find gifts for business partners who is leaving the job, then I saw many cute bags, and cute blazers and cute dresses. IT WAS SO TEMPTING. I WAS SO TEMPTED. I have been working so hard, can't I just treat myself to a new bag???

Rest assured, I managed to control myself just now and walked out the shop with only the gifts and nothing for myself. Phew! Although until now that small cute bag is still on my mind. But what do I need that bag for? I asked myself again. Can I live without that bag? Obviously! My life was fine before I saw that bag. It will still be fine although I do not have that bag.

Again, not knowing whatever people are doing does not matter, same goes with not having the cutest bag or not having the newest shoes. It really does not matter at all. It's simple but it's not easy at all.

There are still 11 more months. I might fail but I will try to do my best. We'll see.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

What is one accomplishment you are most proud of?

This post was originally an answered on my Quora on 4 July 2017

One day after work, I hung out with my colleague. I was telling her my plan to bring my mom on a holiday now that I already earn my own money. My mom loves to travel so I really wanna make her happy and plan to bring her to Taiwan because she has been wanting to go there.
Literally the next day, I woke up to many messages in the work group chat congratulating me. Confused, I checked my email and saw this:
I re-read the email 3–4 times to make sure I read it right. Frankly speaking, at first I was not sure what President’s Club is. I remember seeing an announcement email from boss of the boss of the boss about President’s Club before but I barely remember what it’s all about and I thought it’s something that would never happen to me, so I just browsed it through.
Turns out it’s one of the most prestigious award in the company. It awarded the top sales of the company. My manager at that time nominated me and I think she was very convincing until I was chosen as one of the winners and the only one from Indonesia for that year.
The following email came and it said that I can bring plus one to join the trip. I have not gotten married yet so my mom was the first person that came into my mind.
I told her the news and that I would bring her to Turkey and she was sooooo happy she can’t stop smiling all day!
She kept telling me it’s okay we can go to Taiwan anytime, but Istanbul??? She never thought she would be able to visit that city (me neither, mom).
So yeah, with that one single thought that I told my friend, I managed to bring her to Turkey.
But that’s not only it.
When the day came, we finally boarded the plane, we passed by the business class seats. I had random thought “when will I be able to bring my mom travel by business I wonder. Ok I need to work hard.”
Then we boarded, reached Istanbul, enjoyed the event so much. We’re placed in Shangri-La Bosphorus Hotel in Istanbul, it’s so luxurius, I could tell my mom was very happy.
She kept saying how happy she was. She was very amused with the city, the event prepared by the team, the people she met, my boss, my colleagues, she admired every side of the hotel, she could not stop taking picture and that makes me content.
One night before our flight back to Jakarta, I wanted to do online check in, but I somehow couldn’t choose any seat so I couldn’t proceed the online check in. I thought probably some website error, and went to sleep, thinking I will just do check in on the airport.
It was late night the next day when we reached the airport, our flight was supposedly at midnight. When I reached the check in desk, the staff sighed heavily after checking our reservation.
She said “please follow me to the office”.
I was confused, my colleagues from other countries were confused too seeing us leaving to the office.
They asked me to wait and after a while they explained to me that, turns out, my flight had been doubled book and both of us have no seat on the flight.
I was in denial and fear that I have to spend the night in the airport as it was already midnight.
The lady then continued, “I have found alternative flights but it’s not direct. You will need to fly to Doha first and then continue from Doha to Jakarta. You will ride in business class in your flight to Jakarta and we will compensate you each €xxx (I forgot the amount lol, I think it was about the ticket cost, but then it was paid by the company so I had no idea) we are really sorry about this Ma’am.”
I couldn’t believe what she said and I repeated it to her to make sure I heard it right.
Yap, I got to bring my mom fly business class from Doha to Jakarta and I still got compensation as much as the ticket price, which I did not pay in the first place.
My mom happiness level times 1000x when I told her.
She couldn’t stop smiling and she kept saying “we will sit in business class and they still give us money???”
When she reached home, she couldn’t stop telling everyone of her friends and relatives how happy she was that I bring her to a such luxurious trip.
So that, by far is my proudest accomplishment, making my mom proud and happy. Although it mostly thanks to luck rather than me.
To many more happiness for you, mom <3 p="">

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Hello 25.

This post was originally posted on my Dayre on 7 May 2017.

Time flies. It feels just like yesterday I just had my 24th birthday, with all the loves I received. Why suddenly it's my birthday again? =O

I wanted to blog it in my blog but
- the blogger app is not working? It keeps clashing
- the blogger in mobile web also not very supportive, very hard to write there
- I did not bring my laptop charger and it has no battery hahaha so I can only write it here now
- I will not have the time if have to wait till I am in Jakarta and only blog
I am in Changi airport now, waiting for my flight back to Jakarta, which has been delayed for an hour T-T

Bf has already flew back to KL so I am all alone waiting for my flight. And to kill this time, rather than I walk around and spend more money, might as well I do some blogging.. something that I have been ignoring haha.

This time around I wanna jot down about my 25th birthday!

I was actually in Korea during my birthday lol. I sorta run away (?)

#dayretravel #dayrebirthday
Back in October, me and Nia plan to go Korea and with all the public holidays, 13-24 April seems the best time to go, with only 4 days leave, we get 10 days lol.

And not every year I get to spend my birthday in Korea!

Birthday starts midnight with Nia wishes me, since she is the only one who is right next to me hahaha.

Then the bf calls!
Line video call allows us to do this. So cute. Lol. Virtual celebration lol.
Then Nia gives me this. Apparently bf has given this to Nia so she can give it to me on my birthday 😳 he painstakingly folded every star hahaha inside is every wishes that come from my close friends. He managed to contact Nia and Sandy to collect the wishes πŸ‘πŸ»
Then what comes as a surprise next is this 짱지 였빠 sent me cake voucher. He asked me to redeem it at any Tous les Jours 😳
And all the wishes start coming in. So I kinda spend the day replying everyone's message lol.
We went to Common Ground that day 🎈
And then Nia got me a pretty bouquet of pink dried flowers 😍 hehehe thank you Seoul sister! (Soul sister upgraded)
I told Nia I wanna wear hanbok on my birthday lol so we did lolol
Will wear no other color yo! πŸ˜›
Birthday dinner. Supposedly we wanna find Mazissim but turns out the one in Hongdae has already closed! So we opt for other other restaurant as we're already so hungry.
And on our way back home (we used airbnb so it practically was our home haha), Nia bought chicken and we redeemed the birthday cake and have our mini birthday celebration!

It was much more than I expected though. I never expect to blow any candle that day since I was in Korea but the fact that someone being so thoughtful and managed to send me one is overwhelming.

I also never expect any celebration but Nia made one for me. Grateful ♥️
So here's my first bday cake πŸŽ‚
It was 6 days after my birthday only I reach back in Jakarta. I honestly don't really expect anyone to still celebrate my birthday since it has already passed almost a week. However, on the other hand, I know some thoughtful people will still do their best to celebrate my birthday despite it has passed 6 days lol.

And my heart is overwhelmed with all the love. Apparently I love surprises hahaha.
First surprise when I reach back home comes from these ladies ♥️ literally a surprise coz I neverrrrr expected them to suddenly come to my room while I was unpacking my korean stuffs lolol. And I had already wore my pajama hahahaha.

They apparently teamed up with my brother, asking him when I had already reached home! <3 br="" nbsp="" style="box-sizing: border-box;">
They brought me macaroons🎈
Not long after that, my high school friends come. This one is not a surprise as they had already asked me when will I be back in Jakarta coz they wanna come to my house. Hahahha. Even before they came, Michelle actually called my home and asked whether I am home. And my brother gave the phone to me lololol.

L: halo
M: leni nya ada?
L: kenapa sel?

Then she hung up. Wtf hahaha
She line me afterwards saying "just checking" lololol
What surprised me is they recreated my 17th bday cake LOL. This got me laughing so hard hahahaha. And they forced me to laugh like what I did when I was 17, but I can't hahaha.
High school buddies ♥️ we know each other too well, we know whatever happens, we will still be there for each other 😽
Oh and they thoughtfully prepared the 25 candle and chocolate to replace the 17 as well. Not bad! Thanks gengs ♥️
Next day, which is 25th April, have to go back to work already and it has already 7 days since my birthday but because I just come back, everyone just starts sending in their gifts 😳 now I feel bad for missing on my birthday haha.
One of my distributors send "Tumpeng". They said cake is too mainstream lol and these tumpeng can share with lots of people. Happy lunch!
Everyone has already been waiting to eat the tumpeng lol
And then come a present from a workmate turns into a close friend πŸ™†πŸ»
Inside is a set of pajama with very sweet wishes!! Thank you. πŸŽ‰
Then my sweet little Jenny sends me pretty roses 😍😍😍
This really made my day 😍 although it can only lasts for a while but still so much loves 😍
My Fanny from UK unexpectedly sent this!! HAHAHAHAHA it says "let's finish all 'nasi tim (steamed rice)' in this world" LOL

We both love nasi tim, we probably shall do that lol.

And it's so pink πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Epic πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Someone sent me a kate spade bag!!♥️ major major loveeee ♥️😍

It's a small pink sling bag which is so me πŸ˜‚ and so cute and I really loveeee it. But I did not take any picture πŸ˜‚ maybe I should.
Another distributor sent me another cake πŸ™†πŸ»
Ok that's the kate spade bag lol. I did take a picture apparently.
Comes the next day, someone whatsapped me say he is from grabcar and he is gonna deliver me flowers. I ask from who, the he sent me this picture lol. My two romantic friends πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Before the grab car reach, my receptionist deliver me another package and she wrote from central park. Central park is a mall and I don't think I have anyhow associated with the mall lol. I ask her who send this. she said it's delivered by gojek. when she ask from who, the apps clash so the gojek driver can't see the sender name. She ask where it from and it turns out from central park.
There's a card inside so I know who sent it! Haha thanks buddy 🎈
My colleague asked me to take picture with brown so my face doesn't look that round HAHAHAH
And then come the bouquet from my two besties πŸ˜πŸ’
In the morning, when I opened path, there's memories from 2 years ago where these 2 brought me to a fine dining. I screenshot that and send to our group and demand them for another dinner together coz I miss having dinner with both of them! But we can't coz one of us is currently not in Jakarta :(

Then in the afternoon comes this bouquet 😍 I iz happy πŸ’πŸ˜ ok lo din get the dinner but still get the loves hahaha
How my workstation looks like πŸ’πŸ˜
Then went to one of my business partners office to send flowers coz 25th was her birthday. But turns out they prepared cake for me as well. Dang. πŸ˜­πŸŽ‚. Why ah everyone so nice to me. 😭
Next day (again), Thursday, 27 April 2017, the SMB & DCG team in the office gave me present πŸ™†πŸ» it's a Tory Burch bag yooooo 😍♥️ actually I know they will give me this lol coz the one buying has already discussed with me hahahaha. Nevertheless I still loveeee it so muchhh 😍 in fact I am using it now to SG lol.
After receiving that bag, we went to lunch. During lunch time, an unknown number called me. I almost did not answer it. Hahaha. I literally said "unknown number.. must be banks lol" but I answer it in the end.. and it turns out from a courier and he delivers this BIG FLOWER to me LOL.

We had to get permission to put this in the building lol. Sandy (the one ordered the flower) was with me during lunch so I ask her to get the permission together with me. Lol. She laughed so hard when we see this
And during that day, a lot of people sent the photo of this flower and send to me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I can only laugh and thank God for funny colleagues. What's work without them πŸ˜›
Even until late at night.. someone still send it to me hahahha
At night before community cell, meet up with Shelvy! She brought me small cake πŸŽ‚
πŸ™†πŸ»πŸ™†πŸ» we used to chat up a lot back in Malaysia hahha she was one of my saviors when I had no place to stay, she let me stay in her room ♥️ thank you baby girl.
At night, after community cell, the girls managed to surprise me again! I did not think they will surprise me again πŸ˜‚ it's been 9 days! But they manage to create very pretty cakeeee for me I super like!! 😍😭😍😭
Hahaha since I love to travel a lot, they make this cake that represents me so well hahahaha. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜πŸ˜ always made by my one and only Rowena 😍♥️
I am sooo happy I know them and can call them family. It really is a blessing!! To have a community to support you spiritually ♥️ so glad God gives me these girls 😭♥️
The next day, this comes. Often I wonder what have I done that God loves me so much?
And also this. Another bouquet from my soul sister, Nia πŸ’♥️ she knows how I love dried flowers lol and she thought I did not manage to bring back the flowers she got me in Korea, so she sends me another one! πŸ˜­πŸ’ like why ah she knows me so me and loves me so much 😭
So I thought my birthday celebration has come to an end. It has been 10 days lol.
So I posted this collage pictures to thank everyone and to show my gratitude, which only a picture and caption can't even explain. I truly am grateful beyond words, being loved this much...To have a lot of people thought of me, thought of making me happy during my bday.. it's priceless. It really affects me so much. It makes me feel wonderful. Thank you. ♥️

So I thought my birthday celebration has come to an end.
But then this comes on Saturday haha. After family dinner, when we reach home, this is already at my home. Sent by ci Ipii πŸŽ‚ always my role model for generosity!!
Andddddd Sunday... ratna my bestie came and brought me another cake lol. Before she reach, I just discussed with Nia, I hope Ratna did not bring me another cake... but she did lol. She said I am important so she has to celebrate my bday. Hahahaha love her!!
Me and my bestie πŸŽ‚♥️
Andddd she gave me this present!! Love love love!!

So I thinkk that's the end of my 25th birthday celebration hahahaha.

Can't thank God enough for these people who shower me with all the love 😍♥️ often I wonder what have I done to deserve all of these coz I think I don't.

My wish this year is to be used more for God's glory. I have been blessed very much by Him, I want this life to be used for Him ♥️
To God be all the glory. Thanks for another great year, God!

I am blessed, indeed.