Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Orientation Kit

I just got this :

It's called orientation kit, contained 1examination pad, 1notes book, and 1 pen.  I have been almost 3 months here and just got the orientation kit? Well... First I thought only local students can get it, because I did not see my Indonesian friends with it, and my Malaysian friends said that they got it when they enrolled. I applied through agent so I thought I can't get it. However, yesterday Feli told me that she got it. She said just go to the International Student Office and show them the receipt. Sooo, today I went there with Feli and Trace, and tadaaaa.. I got it! Yippiee. lolx.


Alf said...

eat2 dud :p

Leni said...

di rmh masing2 dud :p