Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Pre-Christmas!

Okay, before we start, you must know some things :
1. Rendez-Vous is my FreshCom, with Ce Fanggi as the leader.
2. Yesterday, 14 November 2009, Rendez-Vous organized an event called Unity, it's actually a Pre-Christmas Event for Rendez-Vous members, girls only =p.
3. Why pre-xmas? coz usually in late November, ppl will go back to Indonesia and come to Malaysia again in January, so we won't have chance to celebrate Xmas together.
4. We're supposed to bring a gift for Gift Exchange Games.

This is what I got in Rendez-Vous Pre-Christmas Gift Exchange Games yesterday :D
Thanks to whoever-that-gave-this. :)

My Profile =)

Ce Fanggi asked every member to make an A4 profile, contains our personal data, our favourites, emergency number, and whatever things we want. So that is my profile, a cork board actually :p, I made it by using Adobe Photoshop. It contains my biodata, my sister number and our picture :D

and.. It won! as the best profile :D I got a Rendez-Vous Shirt :). First I wanted to buy it, but now since I got it dy, no need to buy it, I save 32RM (I think I'll buy new umbrella =p). Hahaha. Thanks Cc =)

Yesterday was very awesome :) I got know more ppl, we played together, praised and worshipped, ate milk bars together ;) hahaha, and had a lot of other activities. We finished it all at 11 PM, went back and so tired~

After I got yesterday pictures I'll post some here :)

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tracielity said...

that gift is nice! :P told u to get gift combinations. hahahaha