Thursday, July 08, 2010


Ah, it feels like i have finished all of my exam. XD.
In fact, I have not.
So yeah, I am having exam, final exam.
I have sit for four papers, and guess I'm doing good so far.
Left 1 in Monday, Business Law.
Since today is Thursday, still got 3 days, so I can chill a bit~ haha

Nothing muchhh but today I watched Eclipse =D
I haven't finished my paper yet I have celebrated it XD

Eclipse was OK, better than New Moon.
Jacob is still cute <3, and Edward is not as attractive as he was in Twilight.

I am sick :(
I caught flu since Sunday :( together with sore throat.
Exactly one day before exam -_-
Some more classroom is superb cold.
and there are rashes on my body :(
Last week I already went to see doctor.
He said it's allergic, but don't know to what.
I haven't really cured yet, and now it's back :(
and it's more than before :((
I'm gonna see doctor again when I back in Indonesia.

and yeahh..
Next week I am going back to Indonesia.
Next Saturday :)
I am gonna eat, eat, and eat. Wuahahhaa.
Can hardly wait!! =D

It's 12:12 AM.
Time to sleep.
Wish my results all the best yeaaaaaa!! =P
See y'all~