Monday, August 16, 2010

Mommy's bday~

Today is my mom's bdayyy :D :D

Thanks for being such a great mother for me and bros and sis.. hehe..
Gue ud telepon tadi siang :) sayangnya saya di Malaysia skrg n nyokap di Indo..

mama tercinta~ banyak yg bilang gue ga mirip sama dia hahaha.
Happy Birthday yaa maaa :)
Love you lotssssssssssss ♥♥♥

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hello! Just stop by to say hi.. haha.. was having holiday back in Indonesia, back at home and internet there sucks.. I could hardly open facebook so totally no mood to blog (and no time too actually B-) hahaha)

Well.. I went out a lot in Indonesia.. with my besties of course ♥.. met my girls gang and made surprise bday party for Evelyn.. :) (sekalian reunian staun yg lalu hahaha!)

leni, michelle, deby, helen, hony, evelyn, stevany, adithia, lyvina :D
Met my audition friends too, The Kampanks XD. Ghie, Guh, and Chika.. but we didn't take pictures lol.. I forgot.. only took the sushi XD We met in Sushi Tei Central Park. The first plan is actually 6 people.. with Mike and Pin, but that two were sick.. Too bad.


Went to Taman Anggrek with Hony, CS, Danny, and Denny to watch Salt. Pictures weren't so much taken. Ah, and met Ci Ipii at that day. hehe.. and Salt was good ;) Angelina Jolie's so cool!


Teddy, CS, Denny, and I went to visit Wanda in RS Mitra Kemayoran. Too bad Gun couldn't join us, or we would have TTG Reunion.. hihihi.. met him in school though. Wanda sakit dbd! So we went to visit her, brought some apples and pears hihihi..


Went to karaoke with Hony, Johny, Adit, and Putra. Hari itu gue pergi seharian gilee..

honce and me :D

Thennnnnn......... what else yeaaaa...
spent a day going out with hony and andy ;) haha we watched Shang Hai and guess whattt!!! There's a lady named Leni Mueller there! bwhahahahaa.. Sorry Traecy, maybe this is what we called fate ;) HAHAHAHAHA......

If you don't know what I'm talking about.. there's a germany football player named Thomas Mueller and both Tracy and I think that he is cute :)


and that 1 day out with andy and hony was really fun!!!  Totally enjoyed that day heehehe...

Guess that's all what I can tell u.. I enjoyed my holiday and 3 weeks feel soooo short. =(
Gonna start having class tomorrow.. new sem.. year 2.. errrr..
just wish me luck! :D