Thursday, January 27, 2011


Superr wooooohooooooooooo!! Finally our new internet connection can work! =D
Was so frustrated yesterday because it couldn't work. Now, we are sooooooo happy! hahaha. Downloading speed around 500kb/s, how cool is that!!! =D =D =D
One movie just in half an hour. Oh, life's good.


Monday, January 24, 2011

2010 wishes...

Hello hello hello :D
Now I really am gonna update. LOL. Feel like years I never updated this blog. Haha. Sowrieee. :p

Before, Happy super belated Christmas and Merry New Year :D :D it's 2011 people! Have you checked your 2010 wish list and see if you have fulfilled them all? If me, well, I have fulfilled some of my wish list and past the rest to 2011 wish list :p

So, have you made your wish list yet??

Let me start with (some of) my 2010 wishes (some are hidden hahaha) :
1. Start my ministry in FGCC
-- and I have started it ;) I am now officially one of His servant in FGCC, my church now in Malaysia. What I do--- I am a teacher in Fresh Kids Sunday School, one of the-often-kena-bully-teacher :( hahaha, and the Education Coordinator. I'm enjoying my part, doing things with kids, thinking how to make the class fun and doing activity, and as a Education Coordinator, it makes me learn to communicate with more people, always have second plan, just in case some teacher couldn't make it the day they must come. Preparing materials for other teachers force me to read the material as well, and it often hits me and reminds me again what God wants me to do in my life. So.. well, I love Fresh Kids. Even though it can be hard and tough and tiring some times.

oh and I'm not just a teacher ;) I am a dancer as well :) learning and practicing to be better and better and better dancer of God :)

andddddddddd I am in hospitality department as well :)
I totally enjoy my new activities (both good and hard times :p)

That's with my ministry. Let's continue with my other wishes.

2. I was wishing to get straight A for all my subjects (haha)
---- well, we have freedom to dream high, rite? :p okay so, for my 2nd sem, which I only had 1 subject, I could go through this subject and scored an A. It surprised me and I was really really grateful! (I still am :D) and it motivated me to do better in the 3rd sem. However, sem 3 turns out so balance. Hahaha. I scored 2 As, 1 B, and 2 Cs. Did pretty good in Statistics and Accounting, and kinda bad for my Law and Econs subject hahaha, and (can I say) good for my Management subject.

Straight A sounds so far from me~~~
It still i my list now.

3. If you noticed, I wanted a LG KS360 pink...
---- and well, I got it hahahaha. It was my phone for.. er.. 3months? And then I got bb, so bye2 LG.. It was fun to have you :) and I still love you, though!

4. The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot, I want the full set!
---- and I got it!! Hahahaha.. well, at first I was thinking to buy it one buy one, coz it got 10 books. Then, one day I went to Popular with Feli and I saw this set of princess diaries, and it was soooo cheap!! Plus Feli got the member card, I couldn't resist but straight away brought it to the cashier. Hahaha.

5. Pink External Hard Disk
---- and I also got it wooooooooo~~~ hahahahaha, it's a Pink Buffalo EX HD, 500Gb :) now full with my moviesssss and seriesssssssss :p

6. Wedding Shoes
--- ah, until now I still can't find a nice wedding shoes. I am not gonna buy and wait till my wedding time just wear, I just simply want a nice and elegant white heels. It takes time to find something nice rite?? ;)

7. Canon G11
---- Lol, until now I still haven't got it yet. However, I got polaroid camera. It's a good thing too :) Canon, just wait for me. HAHAHAHA.

8. I wanted to move out from hostel, hahaha
---- and here I am, :) in LV, staying with my friends. Hohoho. (y)

9. I wanted to get a lot of presents on my birthday too :D
--- hahaha, and I got :) I never expected I would get that many :) well, I was just hoping ;)
but I got quite a lot. Copy from my previous previous previousssssss post :
makasih teddy buat chicken soupnya; tace buat bbnya; take buat usb hello kittynya yg lucu abis, mousenya, sama fan-nya; hony buat frame n fotonya; deby buat bajunya (cute sangat!); opa buat buku dan kartunya yg amad sangat unik :p; evelyn buat gelangnya; ko allen buat lagunya (sweet!); cmon buat kartunya; cc monce, ratna n ce fang buat tasnya; feli, traecy, anty, indri, tat yang, cherraine, geboy buat gunting n karpet hello kittynya :D, dan makasih semua buat ucapan n wishesnya :); dan thanks God saya dikasi 1 taun lagi :)

:) thanks again.

10. I wanted to go to Singapore, Penang, and Ipoh!!!
--- I went to Singapore, and Redang. Penang and Ipoh still need to wait lols. But, I'm gonna go there this yearrrrrr!! I will!! hahahahaha.

Well, that's kind my 2010 wishes and some I achieved, some that haven't, I'll do my best to fulfill in 2011. Hahahaha. Maybe next I will post about my 2011 wishes??

Now, I need to sleep. I have a morning class tomorrow, and my lecturer got only 1 rule, which is his students must be punctual. So, I better don't fight with him, I know it will get messy.

Okay, signing off.
Night people!
Have a sweet dream ♥

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wait for Me.

I wanna updateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
But I got things to do right now, so wait for me :p