Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hi, 19!

Yay Yay! I'm updating! LOL..

So I am now 19 years and 24 days old =D Last year before I turn into 20.. oh no.. I no longer will be teenager pretty soon.. :( sad lo..

However, my 19th birthday was pretty exciting, made me realised how lucky I am to have my bf, SW14, and FGCC friends :)

So I was sleeping in my room, felt so sad because Frank said he got meeting that he needed to go back Cyber and can't come that night, and Ratna came and knocked my room door, and suddenly closed my eyes. Together with Putri, they brought me outside LV (at first I didn't know) haha, and they were waiting there. It was quite a surprised since I didn't expect so many of them to be there. I was pretty happy and sad at the same time. Happy to have them and sad because Frank wasn't there too :( I thought he really couldn't make it to my birthday.

Gonna give u some pictures~~

supposed to be girls only, but well, some boys were so eager to take pics. lol 

me and guys only :p 

heheheheh, love you all :*:* thank you so much =)

After that, time to go back to my room and sleep.. Ratna and ce Monch insisted to teman me go my room. I thought "oh okay, can chit chat first before go" hohoho. Turned out, when we went back to my room, Frank was there~~ woooooooo!! hahaha, with 19 candles >.<  that really made my birthday hahaha. happy happy :) thank you :)

and then I got this super cute card from my SW14 ♥. love it so much :) 

 super cute card with super cute shoes :)

me and my sw14 ♥ 

 and handmade card from Frank for me ♥ 
 it's cute, isn't it?? ;)
♥ SW14 :)

I really love that night :) I'm very grateful to have you guys :) thank you so much. muach muach :* :p

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