Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pucca's Restaurant - Very cute game!


So, my friends know that I love pucca, and Feli found this game in itunes and she downloaded it in her ipad then she showed me. First look it is very cute! haha, but since I was too busy studying for exam =p, I haven't found time to search for it. Till my another one friend sent me pucca's invitation in facebook, I finally remembered to search.

So I downloaded it.

and it is very CUTE!!

seeing the pucca cooking and running here and there lol

then I 'asked' my 2 friends - Indria and Traecy to download as well, so I can have friends. LOL
and now they're addicted LOL
and Anty downloaded it as well.

it is a very cute game for your ipad, itouch, and iphone!!
The idea is you have a restaurant and be no.1 chef ;)
it is free!!
and it is offline! no need internet connection like others.

come come let's play together and see the cutie pucca!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Exam is coming soon!

Bye-bye assignmentsssssssss!!!

Finally I am done with this semester's assignments!!

Beberapa udah kasi tau resultsnya, some not yet, but dari yg uda kasi tau, results gue are unexpectedd!
Yep2, bener2 ga gue sangka punya hasilnyaa.. they are the best from God.. Gue bener2 ngerasa itu nilai hikmat and really really not because of me. Hehehe. Tapi memang bener ketika kita ngandelin semua usaha kita, the output won't be as maximum as when u depend on God. I did my best and God did the rest, we're a very perfect team (y). Thank You, Lord! ♥

Next week is my (supposedly) study break.. not break from studying.. but class break to study.. :( mau belanja >.< haha
next next week, I'm gonna have exam. Final exam!! Sem ini cuma 4, karena research paper kemaren ga ada examnya, ada vivanya doang yang dimana groupku lumayan sukses :D:D *credits all go to Him :)*

I was struggling so hard to find my motivation buat study.. buat apa gue belajar? nilai bagus2? ujian ga nyontek? kurang tdur? dsb dsb.. I was tired, and upset.
Until I remember, pelayanan terbesar gue buat Tuhan saat ini adalah study gue.. dan gue belajar sampe dapet nilai bagus karena gue pengen nilai2 gue bisa jadi kemuliaan buat Tuhan.. I'm doing all this for Him..
Kalo dulu gue nilai bagus untuk kesenangan diri gue sendiri, sekarang nilai bagus gue maunya untuk kesenangan gue sama Dia. Dia senang, saya pun senang :D.

Kemaren ne gue belajar 1 hal.. soal nyontek.. ketika gue ga nyontek dan gue dapet 6, dan ketika temen gue nyontek, they all got more than me.. I was sad (walopun gue tau salah gue si ga belajar.. haha :p) tapi Tuhan seneng liad gue setia :), dan Dia pun ingetin gue lagi kalo nilai gue itu adalah yg the best, because it's me and Him working together, not me and others working together. Jadinya gue ga nyesel sama sekali sama apa yg udah gue lakukan hehehehe, dan gue tetep akan mau menyenangkan Dia :)

bye, assignments.
see you pretty soon, final papers.

Need to study now.. wish me blessings ♥