Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pucca's Restaurant - Very cute game!


So, my friends know that I love pucca, and Feli found this game in itunes and she downloaded it in her ipad then she showed me. First look it is very cute! haha, but since I was too busy studying for exam =p, I haven't found time to search for it. Till my another one friend sent me pucca's invitation in facebook, I finally remembered to search.

So I downloaded it.

and it is very CUTE!!

seeing the pucca cooking and running here and there lol

then I 'asked' my 2 friends - Indria and Traecy to download as well, so I can have friends. LOL
and now they're addicted LOL
and Anty downloaded it as well.

it is a very cute game for your ipad, itouch, and iphone!!
The idea is you have a restaurant and be no.1 chef ;)
it is free!!
and it is offline! no need internet connection like others.

come come let's play together and see the cutie pucca!

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