Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas ♥


Time really flies eh!! This year is coming to its end soon~
This year's Christmas is so different for me because I'm not at home, and there is no long holiday for me.. haha! But well, Christmas is not about holiday, yet not about being at home.. It is about CHRIST ♥

There is no Christmas without Christ!
Last Monday, I got One Utama newsletter, it is Christmas edition, and they have this mini game inside, find the words related to Christmas. Sadly, according to that newsletter, words related to Christmas are tree, gifts, dance, snow, mistletoe, etc. I couldn't find Jesus, or savior, or Galilee, or anything that really has the exact relation with Christmas.

The meaning of Christmas has been overshadowed by celebration, events, sales, gifts.. and often made us forget the real meaning..

Today is Jesus' birthday. The one who came and died for us. Yet we don't give Him present, but we ask presents from Him. We busy finding presents to give to other people. We busy celebrating, but forgetting the meaning.

This Christmas remind me that it is His birthday, and it is all about Him. He deserves the best gift from us, which is our life.

I love Christmas, and will always do. Not only because it is about holiday, celebration, gifts, sales, but because that day Jesus came to the world. Without this day, I would never be saved. So, thank You Lord, and happy birthday Jesus!

Merry Christmas people!
Have a blessed one =)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just an intern updating =p

Hello hello!

Today is my 4th day as an intern! Woohoo.. one more day and long weekend is waiting =D=D hahaha, not that I don't like my job. I like it, but I need beauty sleep and rest =( tired of the journey and lack of sleep is eating my concentration and focus =(.

Anywayy, it's been great hereee! Just 4 days, and I got 2 Christmas presents from my manager and my supervisor! We had team lunch too yesterday, ate in Toast and Roast in SS2. The Char Siew is superrr niceeee (y) hahaha. I like it here because they all let me learn a lot of things. I got to expose a lot of stuffs regarding to recruitment, training, managing, and other stuffs.I got to know some friends from Sunway too. We are actually studying in the same university but never saw each other. So we get to know now and be friends. Moreover, now I have more knowledge about Bandar Utama Shopping Mall. Haha!

Funny coz last week my friend, T, said how she loves Sunway Pyramid, and how good it is coz it is a one stop shopping mall and unlike 1U, Pyramid can make use of all spaces. Yesterday people working in IBM said 1u is the best shopping mall, it has everything, unlike Sunway Pyramid that is very packed, 1u is spacious enough and it is a one stop shopping mall (as well).

As a conclusion, I guess we will say the place (or things or people) that we know and understand best is THE BEST, while those unknown for us is not so good. This happens in our life. We say our friends are the best while not knowing other people might be better if we know them.Get to know Jesus first before you said He is not the best. He will surprise you. =D

Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Exam Tomorrow.

One of my favourite verse:

Proverbs 16:3
Commit to the LORD on whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.

Yes I am committing my study to Him and I believe my plans to graduate next year with flying colours, make HIM and my family proud, will SUCCEED!