Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas ♥


Time really flies eh!! This year is coming to its end soon~
This year's Christmas is so different for me because I'm not at home, and there is no long holiday for me.. haha! But well, Christmas is not about holiday, yet not about being at home.. It is about CHRIST ♥

There is no Christmas without Christ!
Last Monday, I got One Utama newsletter, it is Christmas edition, and they have this mini game inside, find the words related to Christmas. Sadly, according to that newsletter, words related to Christmas are tree, gifts, dance, snow, mistletoe, etc. I couldn't find Jesus, or savior, or Galilee, or anything that really has the exact relation with Christmas.

The meaning of Christmas has been overshadowed by celebration, events, sales, gifts.. and often made us forget the real meaning..

Today is Jesus' birthday. The one who came and died for us. Yet we don't give Him present, but we ask presents from Him. We busy finding presents to give to other people. We busy celebrating, but forgetting the meaning.

This Christmas remind me that it is His birthday, and it is all about Him. He deserves the best gift from us, which is our life.

I love Christmas, and will always do. Not only because it is about holiday, celebration, gifts, sales, but because that day Jesus came to the world. Without this day, I would never be saved. So, thank You Lord, and happy birthday Jesus!

Merry Christmas people!
Have a blessed one =)

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