Monday, January 30, 2012

TTG Dinner @ Shabuslim

OK. I shall post this coz my beloved friends all are asking for the pics.
So here it goes.
TTG reunion/4th anniversary dinner @Shabuslim Mall Kelapa Gading, 21th January 2012.

TTG was born 18 January 2008.

The story goes like this...
(with some improvisation, coz I already forgot. It's been 4 years weh! :p)
Once upon a time, there's a little girl named Leni. She has just finished the OSIS (School council) meeting, and found her friends, Denny and Teddy were chatting outside the class, so she decided to kepo and join. It was an interesting topic they talk, and it brought CS and Gun who are as kepo as Leni to join the conversation too. They talked talked talked and it got more and more interesting. Ok, actually we were gossiping about other friends' love life LOL. You know how that kind of topic is so interesting during school time ritee???? RITE? Yes!

But time flied.. and we needed to go home even though we still want to talk hahaha.. But before we went home, we decided to form a group called TTG or The True Gossipers. HAHAHAHA. I know it sounds lame. XD

However, our friendship lasts till now :D Even though we are not gossiping already now. Yes we are not! Now interesting topic has changed to own love life hahaha. But we still call ourselves TTG hehehe. And we rock. LOLLLLL!!

Ok, enough of that.

Shabuslim is a buffet restaurant with conveyor belt. Interesting rite? and they provide sushi too in the belt!
Found by an Indonesian actor, Ferry Salim.

This is the owner aka Ferry Salim.

We promised to gather at 4 afternoon, but well.. we left Teddy's place at around 6 -__- we all stuck in jam. welcome to Jakarta!

Take a couple of pics, of course using my ST600 :p, while waiting for Gunawan to arrive..
 Teddy, Denny, Cs, and looking-fat-me ='(
Coincidentally, 3 of us except Cs were wearing black!

Outside Teddy's new house =p. 
He LIED to me, saying that his new house was SOOOOO FARR, and very hard if we wanna go out, bla bla bla, this and that. Turns out his new just is just 2 minutes walking from his old house. =___="

Gun turned out wearing black too! Haha, you outlier CS! :p
 Needed to wait about half an hour so we can get a table. Finally we got and EATING TIME :D:D


 Some of the sushi. I didn't take a lot of the food pictures because I was starving and too busy eating! :p
Didn't really eat a lot of sushi too coz I want the tomyam steamboat HOHOHO.

My fringe is too long d. I am so gonna get fringe-cut asap.

 Pin up my fringe with new cute ribbon pin I bought in Stroberi Mall Kelapa Gading hahaha. It is so cute! I regret it I only bought 1 and orange color =( should have bought more colorss!

Waiting for the staff to help us take picture! :D


Great night I have. Thanks guys!

Took 2 pictures with my polaroid STAINED GLASS FILM (like finally), BUTTTTTT they were not with me. =((( I think they are with Denny now. I forgot to take them from Teddy when I went back home. So I cant show the awesomeness of that film LOL *super lebai*
Anyway, stained glass film is cool!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ci Vivien~

Taken with my St600. 
Come and say hello to Ci Vivien <3<3

Leni and Ci Vivien. 
Narsis time :D

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So touching :')

2PM - Thank You

Canon G12

Happy Chinese New Year!! *Forgot to put in previous post*

Yesh it is a CANON G12. The thing that I have been wanting for like soooo long lol (but I cannot afford it *sigh*).

but it is not mine. =(((
Yes, it is my sister's. She bought this coz she is having lotsss of trips this year, and she definitely needs a good camera. =) So when she told me she wants to buy camera, I suggest G12 (so I can borrow it next time :p), and she read all the reviews and the next day she suddenly told me that she already bought it. So fast!

So when I went back to Indonesia few days ago, I played with her new camera kekeke. Did a lot of self photoshoots but I got no time to copy them to my usb, so will ask her once she is back in Jakarta. (She is currently in Germany, no, not holiday, it is for work :p) I must say that it is so cool hahahaha!!

I want to change my blog skin. Getting bored with this one. But well, my reason is always, I have no time LOL. All my time is wasted for sleeping, what to do, or else I will have lots of pimples due to lack of sleep. Big no no. But this time I really want to change! Surely it will be pink :D:D but still have no idea on how it will look like. Lately I am motivated to update my blog, so while it lasts, I must faster change the skin! Before my laziness comes again. :P

Anyone has pinterest?
Come follow me =D

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Victoria's Secret Ultimate Makeup Kit

I am back in Malaysia :D:D
And my bbm can finally on hahaha..

I did a very quick shopping when I reached KLIA, and I got these

 Incredible lotion by Victoria's Secret.

and this:
Yeshh it is a Victoria's Secret Ultimate Makeup Kit!!

Haven't got the time to play with it, coz I'm busy unpacking *and blogging*. I got few updates want to do. Ratna's bday, and TTG's reunion. But see my mood hahaha.

Super like ♥.♥

 My Victoria's Secret Ultimate Makeup Kit~~
It includes:
  • 30 Silky Eye Shadows
  • 5 Lip Glosses
  • 5 Lipsticks
  • 4 Blushes
  • 1 Luminous Powder
  • 1 Translucent Powder
  • 1 Bronzer
  • 1 Mascara
  • 1 Lip Liner
  • 1 Eye Liner
  • 2 Eye Applicators
  • 2 Lip Brushes
  • 1 Face Brush
I love makeup set! It has everything, perfect for travel, and worth the money! Hahaha.. Like like.. :D

Previously, I wanted to get the one from Etude :

Etude House Wannabe Makeup set

But luckily I didn't.. hahaa.. so I can buy the one from Victoria's Secret.
Browse trough and found this one:

Victoria's Secret Hello Bombshell Makeup Kit 

Omoooo!! I must say that I super love this one! It's pinkkkk!!!! ♥.♥
Too bad just now did not have this one.. but it's okay! I am still happy with the one I got.. Hahaha..
Happy happy :D:D:D

Now I'm looking for eyeshadow pallete~
Very hard to find lately :( everyone is selling eyeshadow separately.. and I don't like it.. coz need to buy a lot, and u need to bring a lot.. so troublesome don't u think?

Been addicted to make up lately.. somebody must save me!! XD

Just a post in the airport

Maybe I should blog. Haha

I'm in airport currently, don't know what to do. 40 mins to go till my flight. I have my bb, but no Indonesia simcard, so I can't bbm or sms people =((

Thank God I got this itouch..and free wifi here. At least I can blog something lol instead of sleeping *which I really want to do* and miss the flight *touch wood*. My mom was so scared I will fall asleep and forget to wake up loll, and I don't have phone for her to make sure I don't miss my flight. So I better force myself to stay awake and sleep laterr in the plane.

I'm going back to Malaysia, if u're wondering why I am in airport. Going back to reality after a very short yet fun holiday trip aka chinese new year trip. Hehehe. Got not a lot of angpaos but according to my lil bro, this year is not about quantity, but quality hahaha. A few angpaos but make us happy enough with the amount. :p

To be honest, I am so sleepy *yawn*. For those who don't know, I am a sleep person. I need more than 8 hours to sleep each night. 10 will be good. Hahaha. I can easily take nap. Sleep for 1-3 hours any time and continue my activity after I wake up kekeke. Last nite I slept at 12 I think and mom woke me up at 5.15. Imagine how sleepy I am.. Haha.

Tomorrow need to go work again. All my friends take leave for the rest of this week.. Course mates as well as other interns I know in the company.. Envy.. Only me need to come to work.. But well, coming to work is fine for me.. The only thing I could not stand is wake up early in the morning.. Lol.. Anddd since the rest of this week, all of my friends are off, I need to think of my own transportation andd if I want to take bus, means I need to wake up even earlier.. oh my.. I'm so gonna miss you.. my bed... (ToT)/~~~

Oh 20 more mins to go! Yay! Blogging really helps hahaha. Hmm weird, 20 more mins and so less people only? Usually air asia 20 more mins, bunch of people already in the waiting room. Ah this is my first trip using Garuda Indonesia airlines :D. When i came back Indonesia last Friday, I used same airline and I enjoyeddddd it so muchh hahaha.. well comparing to air asia.. Or maybe we cant compare it at all hahaha.

Sleepy :(

I'm going to board pretty soon I guess! It is time to publish this post haha...

See yaaa~~

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Instax Mini Stained Glass Film

BRAND NEWWW!!~~ Fujifim Instant Film Instax Mini Stained Glass! 
I dont know why it is limited only for Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. No Indonesia eh? Hahaha
Anyway, I got mine and gonna try it soon! 

Anybody wants? *wink wink*

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

totally random

Hi world!

Watcha doin'? Haha
Happy new year!!

Sorry for missing..
I am working now! Yay yay! Even though it is only internship haha, but I am happy though! I like my job and my team. The only thing I don't like is the fact that I need to wake up so early everyday. So sleepyy! Ngor hon ngan fan! Hahaha.

Anyway, talking about my job might be boring, rite?
I want to talk about other things, but don't know what to talk.. Currently I have nothing to do (that's why I'm blogging) Hahaha. My supervisor is busy meeting with my manager. I have done the job given to me, so now I'm so bored. Nothing to do ="( I want to upload pictures but I do not have pictures in this laptop hahaha

so random this post. i know. sorry to waste your time reading this.