Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Canon G12

Happy Chinese New Year!! *Forgot to put in previous post*

Yesh it is a CANON G12. The thing that I have been wanting for like soooo long lol (but I cannot afford it *sigh*).

but it is not mine. =(((
Yes, it is my sister's. She bought this coz she is having lotsss of trips this year, and she definitely needs a good camera. =) So when she told me she wants to buy camera, I suggest G12 (so I can borrow it next time :p), and she read all the reviews and the next day she suddenly told me that she already bought it. So fast!

So when I went back to Indonesia few days ago, I played with her new camera kekeke. Did a lot of self photoshoots but I got no time to copy them to my usb, so will ask her once she is back in Jakarta. (She is currently in Germany, no, not holiday, it is for work :p) I must say that it is so cool hahahaha!!

I want to change my blog skin. Getting bored with this one. But well, my reason is always, I have no time LOL. All my time is wasted for sleeping, what to do, or else I will have lots of pimples due to lack of sleep. Big no no. But this time I really want to change! Surely it will be pink :D:D but still have no idea on how it will look like. Lately I am motivated to update my blog, so while it lasts, I must faster change the skin! Before my laziness comes again. :P

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