Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just a post in the airport

Maybe I should blog. Haha

I'm in airport currently, don't know what to do. 40 mins to go till my flight. I have my bb, but no Indonesia simcard, so I can't bbm or sms people =((

Thank God I got this itouch..and free wifi here. At least I can blog something lol instead of sleeping *which I really want to do* and miss the flight *touch wood*. My mom was so scared I will fall asleep and forget to wake up loll, and I don't have phone for her to make sure I don't miss my flight. So I better force myself to stay awake and sleep laterr in the plane.

I'm going back to Malaysia, if u're wondering why I am in airport. Going back to reality after a very short yet fun holiday trip aka chinese new year trip. Hehehe. Got not a lot of angpaos but according to my lil bro, this year is not about quantity, but quality hahaha. A few angpaos but make us happy enough with the amount. :p

To be honest, I am so sleepy *yawn*. For those who don't know, I am a sleep person. I need more than 8 hours to sleep each night. 10 will be good. Hahaha. I can easily take nap. Sleep for 1-3 hours any time and continue my activity after I wake up kekeke. Last nite I slept at 12 I think and mom woke me up at 5.15. Imagine how sleepy I am.. Haha.

Tomorrow need to go work again. All my friends take leave for the rest of this week.. Course mates as well as other interns I know in the company.. Envy.. Only me need to come to work.. But well, coming to work is fine for me.. The only thing I could not stand is wake up early in the morning.. Lol.. Anddd since the rest of this week, all of my friends are off, I need to think of my own transportation andd if I want to take bus, means I need to wake up even earlier.. oh my.. I'm so gonna miss you.. my bed... (ToT)/~~~

Oh 20 more mins to go! Yay! Blogging really helps hahaha. Hmm weird, 20 more mins and so less people only? Usually air asia 20 more mins, bunch of people already in the waiting room. Ah this is my first trip using Garuda Indonesia airlines :D. When i came back Indonesia last Friday, I used same airline and I enjoyeddddd it so muchh hahaha.. well comparing to air asia.. Or maybe we cant compare it at all hahaha.

Sleepy :(

I'm going to board pretty soon I guess! It is time to publish this post haha...

See yaaa~~

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