Monday, January 30, 2012

TTG Dinner @ Shabuslim

OK. I shall post this coz my beloved friends all are asking for the pics.
So here it goes.
TTG reunion/4th anniversary dinner @Shabuslim Mall Kelapa Gading, 21th January 2012.

TTG was born 18 January 2008.

The story goes like this...
(with some improvisation, coz I already forgot. It's been 4 years weh! :p)
Once upon a time, there's a little girl named Leni. She has just finished the OSIS (School council) meeting, and found her friends, Denny and Teddy were chatting outside the class, so she decided to kepo and join. It was an interesting topic they talk, and it brought CS and Gun who are as kepo as Leni to join the conversation too. They talked talked talked and it got more and more interesting. Ok, actually we were gossiping about other friends' love life LOL. You know how that kind of topic is so interesting during school time ritee???? RITE? Yes!

But time flied.. and we needed to go home even though we still want to talk hahaha.. But before we went home, we decided to form a group called TTG or The True Gossipers. HAHAHAHA. I know it sounds lame. XD

However, our friendship lasts till now :D Even though we are not gossiping already now. Yes we are not! Now interesting topic has changed to own love life hahaha. But we still call ourselves TTG hehehe. And we rock. LOLLLLL!!

Ok, enough of that.

Shabuslim is a buffet restaurant with conveyor belt. Interesting rite? and they provide sushi too in the belt!
Found by an Indonesian actor, Ferry Salim.

This is the owner aka Ferry Salim.

We promised to gather at 4 afternoon, but well.. we left Teddy's place at around 6 -__- we all stuck in jam. welcome to Jakarta!

Take a couple of pics, of course using my ST600 :p, while waiting for Gunawan to arrive..
 Teddy, Denny, Cs, and looking-fat-me ='(
Coincidentally, 3 of us except Cs were wearing black!

Outside Teddy's new house =p. 
He LIED to me, saying that his new house was SOOOOO FARR, and very hard if we wanna go out, bla bla bla, this and that. Turns out his new just is just 2 minutes walking from his old house. =___="

Gun turned out wearing black too! Haha, you outlier CS! :p
 Needed to wait about half an hour so we can get a table. Finally we got and EATING TIME :D:D


 Some of the sushi. I didn't take a lot of the food pictures because I was starving and too busy eating! :p
Didn't really eat a lot of sushi too coz I want the tomyam steamboat HOHOHO.

My fringe is too long d. I am so gonna get fringe-cut asap.

 Pin up my fringe with new cute ribbon pin I bought in Stroberi Mall Kelapa Gading hahaha. It is so cute! I regret it I only bought 1 and orange color =( should have bought more colorss!

Waiting for the staff to help us take picture! :D


Great night I have. Thanks guys!

Took 2 pictures with my polaroid STAINED GLASS FILM (like finally), BUTTTTTT they were not with me. =((( I think they are with Denny now. I forgot to take them from Teddy when I went back home. So I cant show the awesomeness of that film LOL *super lebai*
Anyway, stained glass film is cool!

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