Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Victoria's Secret Ultimate Makeup Kit

I am back in Malaysia :D:D
And my bbm can finally on hahaha..

I did a very quick shopping when I reached KLIA, and I got these

 Incredible lotion by Victoria's Secret.

and this:
Yeshh it is a Victoria's Secret Ultimate Makeup Kit!!

Haven't got the time to play with it, coz I'm busy unpacking *and blogging*. I got few updates want to do. Ratna's bday, and TTG's reunion. But see my mood hahaha.

Super like ♥.♥

 My Victoria's Secret Ultimate Makeup Kit~~
It includes:
  • 30 Silky Eye Shadows
  • 5 Lip Glosses
  • 5 Lipsticks
  • 4 Blushes
  • 1 Luminous Powder
  • 1 Translucent Powder
  • 1 Bronzer
  • 1 Mascara
  • 1 Lip Liner
  • 1 Eye Liner
  • 2 Eye Applicators
  • 2 Lip Brushes
  • 1 Face Brush
I love makeup set! It has everything, perfect for travel, and worth the money! Hahaha.. Like like.. :D

Previously, I wanted to get the one from Etude :

Etude House Wannabe Makeup set

But luckily I didn't.. hahaa.. so I can buy the one from Victoria's Secret.
Browse trough and found this one:

Victoria's Secret Hello Bombshell Makeup Kit 

Omoooo!! I must say that I super love this one! It's pinkkkk!!!! ♥.♥
Too bad just now did not have this one.. but it's okay! I am still happy with the one I got.. Hahaha..
Happy happy :D:D:D

Now I'm looking for eyeshadow pallete~
Very hard to find lately :( everyone is selling eyeshadow separately.. and I don't like it.. coz need to buy a lot, and u need to bring a lot.. so troublesome don't u think?

Been addicted to make up lately.. somebody must save me!! XD

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