Monday, February 13, 2012

Boring post

Gah I am so bored!!!


Do you know Xiaxue?
A Singaporean blogger who has pink hair (which I super like! :p)

Well, she won the influential award from Nuffnang, and now I understand why, because she really is.

This morning I read Xiaxue's blog post entitled FAT, and well it is about Adele! Hahaha. I must say that it is a very interesting post because I personally like both Xiaxue and Adele. And If all the Adele's quotes that are posted in xx's blog are true, then I am disappointed with Adele :(. I really like her music though. Just that the part that she is talking about others, how she does not want to be skinny, how she doesn't want to show her parts of the body but she did? haha, well, maybe she changed her mind. People change right? But still, sad to know the truth! Why do you need to bring other people down when you still can be successful without doing that? Human nature. =x

Done with my tasks all, my supervisor is so busy that she can't find task for me to do as well.

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