Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Making Memories Scorer Trimmer

Yay Yay Yayyyyy!!!

I got my very own scorer and trimmer!

Yeshh It is a Making Memories Scorer-Trimmer all in oneeee!! Woohooo!!!
I ordered it online from Scrapbook Memories :))

Actually I wanted the Martha Stewart Score Board. However, out of stock everywhere -.- then I came across this all in one scorer trimmer, and fell in love with this! Coz you have trimmer next to your scorer! How cool is that?! Super save place!

Hehehehehe. Happy!
Now I have no excuse to not making cards LOL.

Another great thing, this scorer come with the thing to make envelope as well.

And I love this cute little icon in the trimmer hahhaa

m fore mine! lol lol

I haven't got the chance to make real nice card. However, I have tried using this tool to trim my office work lol, and to score tent name cards hahahaha.. How I love my job!

Gonna start making cardsssssssssss with my new scorer! LOVE IT!

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