Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's presents!

Valentine pretty soon people!
Too bad it falls on Tuesday. I mean, Tuesday, workdays, and the next day is Wednesday, another 3 days to weekend. Pretty long way. HAHAHA.

Booked 2 movie tickets (or is it one? coz it's the beanieplex! HEHE) for valentine's night *uhui* with Frank of course. Gonna watch Haywire, which was the best movie (I think) when I wanna buy tickets. Others did not attract me =( and so happen that it is the beanieplex :D Finally can try! And on valentine! What more can I ask? :P

 Let's just hope that I won't fall asleep coz it is too comfortable!
They left me with no other movie to choose as well. Hahaha

I don't know why every valentine's day I will get myself a present LOL. Maybe it is because valentine's day falls after CNY, left me with more money to spend :P and some more this year rite, after CNY, then I got my FIRST SALARY AS AN INTERN!! So happy le! Well, it is not a lot if compare to regular employee, but for a university student like me, it is a lot HAHAHA.

So what did I get for myself?? :D:D

Hahahaha. So cuteee!! Got it from Diamond Boutique, yet it has no diamond on it lol. Cannot afford diamond YET la. Hehehe. Always wanted new earrings and finally can get it :D  Actually I saw another one I super like before, in some random shop in 1u shopping mall. Coz I don't know what shop that is, so I didn't buy. I am scared .__.
Anyway, still so happy with this :)
My supervisor asked me to keep the habit of buying present for myself every time I got my salary, and better if spend it for gold, coz the value will increase. Hahaha. :p Noted!

"Leni" Necklace :p

Okay this one is so unprepared :p I mean, the earrings rite, I like wanted it for so long already. You can ask Tracy, coz I have been telling her I want new earrings lol.

This one, when I passed by Yume Jewelry shop and saw customize necklace, my heart said "I want" haha. And it was like after I got my salary, so well, I told myself, ok la treat u nice this time coz u got the money. Hahahahahahahaha. So I bought it hihihi. Btw, this one is not white gold, so I still can afford it hahaha.

All of a sudden I got new jewelries, ahh.. so happy..!

Can see my new necklace rite?? :P :P

I already cut my fringe, as you can see in my pic. Too short so I couldn't make it side fringe hahaha, so in the meantime I am having front fringe haha. I like side fringe better though =x (coz I think I look better with it :p). Or without fringe at all. Straight bangs like this makes me looks so kiddie XD, without fringe makes me looks more mature (dowanna say old loll). Right?

Wanted to put 3 pics of me with 3 diff kind of fringe but couldn't find nice one. Hahahaha.

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