Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Graduate Soon! :p

I am sort of free now, finished and submitted my internship report.. and now I have nothing to do.. =x
So I decided I wanna write something... problem is I don't know what to write.. failed blogger XD

I seriously have no idea what to write.. hahaha

maybe about series?
I used to like gossip girl and 90210 very much.. like waiting for it to be aired every week.. but I don't know where that feeling went now.. lol, 3 month internship I did not download a single of them.. reason being I was too tired every time I reached home, did not even bother to on my laptop haha..

So last week.. it's was my break rite, before this last semester starts.. (oh yea, I have already started my last semester today.. get back to this later) I downloaded all of the episodes of gossip girl, 90210, himym, desperate housewives that I haven't watched for the pass 3 months.

I watched all the himym and desperate housewives..
when I opened 90210.. 10 mins after that I closed it again.. what is wrong with me? LOL.
I used to love that series man! Now not even bother to watch it -.-

I think I got bored with the stories which keeps going on round and round.. relationship.. break up.. relationship with another friend.. break up again lol.. and good boy become bad boy.. in this case I mean LIAM. He is so cute that he can't turn to be a bad boy!! =(( :p

Okay enough of all these non sense lol..
There are a lot of movies I wanna watch!!!

I love romance ♥

But with Frank in Indonesia, don't know who to ajak to watch with me.. well there are Traecy and Indria,, but Indria doesn't like this kind of movie hahaha.. supposedly we go today! but me being monthly sick ruined our plan. =((

I wanna watchhhhhhhhhh!! I know I am so late coz it should be on Feb, but not my fault! Just saw this in the cinema hahaha..

Anyways, talking about me starting my school again..
Yeps, today is my first day of my very last semester. YIPPIE!
And I can't believe when I sat there in class, I actually missed working :)) :P

Timetable is pretty awesome.. Monday and Friday off!! Can't get any better than this! And actually me and Indria were talking about this.. like how cool if we have monday and friday off.. so no monday blues and weekend starts from friday.. and who knows it comes true LOL.. SUPER LONG WEEKEND!! Love it!

Gonna or NEED TO study smart/hard to get my marks up and this is like my last chance if I really want that first class.. hahaha.. PRAY FOR ME! =P

OH! March is gonna end soon! My bday is coming.. so fast le! Gonna leave my teenage life d.. =((  no more "teen" in my age.. sad.. hahaha..
Hopefully my 20th bday will be an awesome one.. and blessed one.. and memorable :D
please be awesome in welcoming me to the world 20!
and it is gonna be the third year I spend my bday not in my home..
but nvm! this is my second home ;)

OK guess this post is long enough lol
oh oh 1 more thing!!
My presentation pic is on my lecturer's blog! LOL

I stole my pic. :P
Here it is!

So blurrr =(
Come and visit his blog: As I See It

Time to do other things.. haha
I wanna watch Running Man but internet is slow they don't let me stream!

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