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How to Stop Complaining

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Got this article while doing my project. Edited a little but credits still go to the owner.

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How to Stop Complaining
(training myself too :D)

1. Contest?
Recognize the following situation?
You are talking with a group of colleagues and someone starts complaining about the heavy traffic. Other people will start trying to top the last complaining (“What I went through this morning was way worse than that!”.)

Instead of joining in this contest of complaining, sit back and observe, and don’t try to change other people. If possible, try to steer the conversation on to a different subject. There are ways to keep a conversation going without complaining. ;)

2. Stick to the Facts
All this doesn’t mean that you can’t point out if something is not right. In that case, just stick to the facts. If you just ordered hot soup and it is served cold, you can make that clear to the waiter. But there are several ways to do this. If you complain about it (“How dare you to serve me cold soup?”) you probably made your point, but will it motivate the waiter the do a better job the next time food is served? Probably not. If you stick to the facts (“This soup is cold, could you please warm it up?”), you made your point with respect towards the waiter.

3. Gossip
No complaining also means no gossiping. You can still talk about others. But when talking about others, only say something when you can say something positive. And only say something you would also have said (in those exact words) if that person was with you in the room right now. If you can’t say something nice about someone else, then don’t say anything.

One of the main reasons for gossiping or complaining is to make us look better by comparing us to someone else. That’s bragging and no one likes people who brag. Furthermore, you wouldn’t notice ‘faults’ in others if you didn’t recognize those same points in yourself.

4. Be the Change
You might feel tempted to stop other people from complaining, but that’s no use. You can’t change someone else, only yourself. People change because they want to change. The best way to inspire change is to practice what you preach. Be the change you want to see in the world. You cannot treat others better than you treat yourself.

Little Activity
Get a wristband, and wear it in one of your hand. Move it to the other hand every time you complain. See how many times you complain each day, and try to reduce it gradually! Have fun!

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