Thursday, March 29, 2012

Leni is emo today.


I lied.
Today is a bad day. I woke up from some sort of weird dreams, errr I dreamed I was in the Hunger Games movie you knowww.. which I HAVEN'T EVEN WATCHED IT YET. LOL. This is all because of Traecy! Everyone told me that movie is super awesome except her, she told me it is scary, and I don't know why I listen to her more than others lol. So in my mind it's a very scary movie and in my dream it was a scary dream!

So I like almost go to that fight and risk my life or something like that.. which is scary.. and I woke up from that dream. Not a good thing to start my day.. and it got worse when I saw my bb.. *sigh* some not-so-good news are there and wanted news are not there..


Then I went to my first class today.. International Business.. The news that I heard about this lecturer are not so pleasant.. so I have this expectation that he really won't be good.

But surprisingly..

I like him!
How can I not?
Among all 4 lecturers that teach me this semester, he is the ONLY one that give us handouts! and it's not only subject overview.. he got notes, tutorial, and tutorial schedule.. and he even said that he is gonna give us the handouts every week.. which means we need not to print out notes every week... He is the first lecturer that I ever know wanna mafan himself do this! Thumbs up for him. hahaha.

I can be easily impressed huh?
Print lecture notes for me and I like him already lol.

Ok so he kinda made me happy a bit.. :p

And the other class today was not so bad too.. New Business Development.. But I was so sleepy during that class haha..

In between, I was so emo.. Like so many problems duh! and I got a bit tired of them.
Maybe I should just let my bb off and no one can find me.

So when I got back home, I decided to take a short nap.. what day can be so bad that it can't be fixed with a nap? well, it's today..

Woke up from nap, some other bad news also come.. actually maybe during normal days, i won't call it bad news.. but today i have enough bad things and was hoping for some good things.. but well, today says different! T_T

I forgot I saw from who..

Hahahahahahahahaha. I super like this! :p So now I decided to keep calm and go shopping. ONLINE SHOPPING!! teeheeee!

Still looking around in Scrop and Crop whether I can find nice kits or Zalora.. looking around for nice stuffs.. bahahahahaha.. You know the saying "money can't buy happiness"? well guess what.. there is another saying "those who say that just simply don't know where to shop.." LOLL.

End of the story!
Started it bad but I am gonna close it GOOD. I DON'T CARE.


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