Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Bday Girls

Soooo many bdayss in March!!

My besties in Indonesia as well as my besties here! =DD
Used to celebrate their bday in Indonesia.. but now I can't join them =(

So I steal denny's pic :p

They're having fun and I envy them =(((

Couldn't celebrate their bday but I still can celebrate my friends' bday here :))

Shelvy's bday :))
We came to her house and surprised her! :)

 We know how much she loves macaroons!

 Pretty mother and daughter :))

Shelvy's bday dinner @ Thai Thai Sunway Pyramid

FOOD!!!! :D:D

 Gotta tell you that this fish from Thai Thai Restaurant is super yummy! I don't know what the name is XD

and this thai ice tea also tastes so good! hahaha, a bit like teh tarik but not as sweet as teh tarik :D

Thennnnn yesterday we celebrated my lovely daughter in Christ's bday :P:P JENNY!


I simply love birthdays :)
Your once a year special day..
Happy bday all!! XOXO.

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