Monday, March 12, 2012

No more internship..

Hello all!
I am in the middle of doing my internship report, and dang! I am so sleepy -.-

Thinking why not I update my blog.. since I wanna do it like since dont know when, but I was too lazy lol.
(I actually already have drafts [with s, which means more than 1 draft!] but never finish them -.-)
I wanna update about my internship! It finally ends. =(((((
Super sad.
I never thought I will be soooooooooo sad when internship ends. Haha.
Me and Traecy used to think that internship will be so scary!
But guess what! Both of us cried LOL. We're just too sad to leave the company.. :')
I am so sad. My place was the best I can ask for!

Great teammate, great supervisor, great bosses, great colleagues, great intern friends.

What more could I ask?

Time to share about my internship!
If you know how hard it was for me to get my internship placement? lol, went through 3 interviews, being rejected by 1, and was put in a hard position to choose where I should go. 1 is fine, everything is going to be ok, but I know my heart was not there. Another 1 is unsure, long process to get me in, but I know I want to be a part of it. Then now I know, I got the best one, the right one, which was not the one I WANT, but exactly the one I NEED. God really knows the best ♥.

Learn a lot of new things here in IBM, get to have many new experiences, and new people!
Yes it is not easy as I need to wake up so early every day, go back quite late.. like no life lol.. lucky thing 1u is just next door :p
And sometimes the things that you do are things that other people don't wanna do, that's why give to u :P
which are very repetitive, painful for eyes, and boring hahaha.. well that' sometimes..

Most of the time I am having fun :D:D
Never knew working can be so fun hahaha..
You know, get to move here and there, not just stuck at your table, get to attend different2 things, meetings, discussions, trainings, get to observeeeeeee a lot of things. Pretty fun for me! =))

made some new friends :)

met Joee & Pris :)

and Boon, Cynthia, Pris :)

met the boys at the back :D

met Ieqaaa ♥ pretty and sweet receptionist :)

and my great team :)

Well, actually met some others too but no pics :D

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