Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tribute to high school :))

If only writing a report is as easy as writing a blog post..(not so easy also though)

2 nights in a row had dinner with Jenny, who is currently studying in Sunway International School grade 10. Yes she is 5 years younger than me :) realise how old i am now? T_T

She shared about her high school life that makes me miss mine too.. haha, a lot of memorable stuffs, classes, friends, teachers :)) I miss them indeed! :))

When we were young, hang out all the time, chat all the time, watch movie all the time.. good times :))

I remember I took A LOT of pictures with my bestie, Michelle :)

Miss those times!!!
Hahahaha, so many pics of me and Michelle :)) love her max!
The one and only, my narsismate lol.. She's the only one who dares to comment about me lol, if I had bad hair, ugly fringe, pimples, stupid things that I did.. she will speak up :) and I love her bcoz of that! I told her everything, she told me everything, typical bff :) now that we're apart sad to not have narsis partner anymore :p and hard to tell alllll stuffs, but we sure catch up when we can :) actually we need to.. miss u!!

High school to me was all about fun.. LOL.. lots of stress moments but I guess I already erased those parts, I only remember all the fun side hahahaha.. We celebrated A LOT of people's bday..

Ok, I am too lazy to find and upload all the pics.. hahaha.. yea bad blogger..

And I remember we watched a lot of movies.. sometimes we can just go right from school to watch movie 2 hours, and come back to school for tutorial hahaha =)

Also our class representatives were all from our gang lol...
Chairman was Ivan 'pancang' - the image of a 'ban zhang' is already on him, can't get rid of it hahaha
Vice was CS opa =)
Secretaries were pretty Evelyn & Teddy - yep, Teddy has very neat handwriting hahaha :))
and myself as the Treasurer :)
We most of the time ruled the class hahaha..
Oh and I remember actually not all was fun.. there were times when we had problems, like serious problem related to teachers and stuffs, and it can get all messy.. but I don't wanna remember bad stuffs :D so let's skip that part.

During high school also was the time when I got to know a lot of other friends.. from other friends... and friends.. hahaha, I was so social! Now well, time to focus I guess :))
I remember I was introduced to Cung2's gang.. Dani, David, Ben, etc.. and their brothers sisters.. Amel, Vidia, then there's one I forgot the name.. Jouko, Joseph.. and some others I also forgot..... too long d din contact them.. only some still in my bbm lists..
And got to know Tati's friends.. Cen, Ricard, Ricky.. and Ryan.. :))
Then Honey introduced me to her friends too.. Memed, then.. Johny my bro's friend, Adit, and one more.. forgot the name.. I am so old, poor memory =(((
And most of the time I dragged Michelle to accompany me hahahahaha...

It's funny when I remember I got to know a lot of people and used to be closed with them.. but now we just don't keep in touch anymore.. (memang gue sombong sih haha sorry ya friends)

But those precious ones are still in my heart :))
Michelle and Honey :)


All of them!!

High school really bestttttttt :D

And not forgetting love life! Hahaha, high school was one of those best times having fun having crush etc.. hahahahahahaha.. and maybe some haters too, but who cares lol.

When Jenny told me about her love life now, it digs up my memories :))

Talking about love life in high school..
I have a story that my colleague, Rhodora said usually this kind of thing happens only in high school.. lol who knows it happens to me during my internship?

My last 2 days doing internship, I got notes from someone I don't know.. or maybe actually I know, but I don't know who left them in my table after lunch..

I got this on Thursday.. and I thought someone I know dropped this for me coz the next day is my last day.. Who knows I ask those that can be suspected all and they said they were not the one who left it for me..
I thought maybe the person just don't wanna tell.. I didn't think so much, I was just so happy and touched that from my 3months there, I actually brighten up someone's day.. hahhaa :)

Till I got another one on Friday..
Same handwritten and notes.. again no name so I don't know who.. but he/she actually does know that I love pink =)) and notice that he/she wrote "blessed day"! not "nice day".. made me even more touched haha.. And it made every one so curios lol, Rhodora even went to security control to check whether we can see the person left the message.. Well, I personally want to know who did this, but I didn't check..

I have several reasons:
- It was my last day and already after lunch, I was busy cleaning up my place, making sure I already sent all docs to Ming, and I must return all the stuffs before 4.. not much time to go and check 2 hours cctv tape..
- I can check if I feel scared.. which I hmm.. don't think I am.. since he/she only left me notes and sweet notes somemore, not threatening notes hahaha.. well if he/she was following me all the time then I will be scared...
- He/she did not left his/her name which means he/she also didn't want me to know who he/she is..?
- I don't wanna ruin the sweetness of the notes hahaha.. :D

Anyway, thanks to you who left them in my table..

Anywayss, I am so grateful, so many new and exciting things happened in my life :)
Can't wait what tomorrow will bring :) Hope it's a good one :D

Guess this post stops here.. I need to sleep duh, back to reality that I have a presentation and a report waiting for me.. :( and stop admiring my memories lol..
Signing off!
Good night :)

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