Monday, March 05, 2012

You won't understand this.

It comes back.
And it scares me.

I never thought "it" will come back to me. Never.
It was just a fine day, and I never saw it coming. No. No feeling at all.
In my mind it is just as the same as others. I didn't expect any surprise, and never had. Maybe never wanted, too.

But again. Nobody knows. Nobody knew that it will come back to me.
I know I said I sorta missed it, but that was like, some time ago, and it is not supposed to be from that day. Not from this.

It went away from me a long time ago. I did try to catch it back, but, I guess the time was just wrong.

Not so sure what I should do.
Or actually I know what I should do, but I just do not want to do it.

What will be the best decision?
Well, I know what. But it is just hard. While you are enjoying it. It is very hard to let it go just like that.

I know. Time.
Surely time will help to heal anything. Right?

My mind is going here and there. Trying to find anything to let me keep it yet run away from it.

It is dangerous yet I enjoy it.
It drives me crazy yet it makes me smile.

I will not do anything. Nope.
I will let the time do it for me. I believe time knows more.

Future me, I hope you smile when you read this again, and not regret it.

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