Wednesday, April 11, 2012

13-19/ Nostalgia.

I guess my favorite phrase all time is "time flies so fast". Yes it does. Indeed. Seriously? It's like April, and I am gonna be 20 in a week. :-O :-O.

I am in my last semester and having only 3 day class in a week makes time passes even faster. Don't you think? This week is already my third week :-O, which gonna end tomorrow coz I have no class on Friday. Which means left only 11 weeks. It's like less than 3 months! And I am gonna graduate already. WOW.

I am gonna be 20 yo next week. No more TEEN in my age. =(
All these times, it has been a great teenager life for me.. lol.. So as suggested by my beloved housemate, Ms. Liew, I am gonna make a nostalgia post about my teenager life.. from 13 to 19..

Let's review back and see what I remember.. hahaha...

My 19th bday..
My first bday with boyfriend.. :p and celebrated by my beloved freshcom, SW 14.. and some beloved friends from FGCC.. and boyfie :)

and dinner with friends :)

This year has been a very blessed year for me.. I experienced a lot of new things.. Being promoted to be the coordinator of Dance Ministry, months after, promoted to be head of Fresh Ministry.. His favor is endless in my life.. I was able to have a great internship experience, met AARON YAN!! LOLLL!! Got my pinkie camera, went home for Ce Merry's wedding, spent my first ever Christmas in Malaysia, oh able to manage 2 drama for Christmas and Recruitment!.. :) great year indeed!

Let's see my 18th bday..
My very first bday in Malaysia.. My sis came to teman me lol, I rmmbr we went to KLCC :p
Surprised by my classmates in Accounting class the day after my bday! I seriously didn't expect it =)) another surprise is the hello kitty carpet suddenly in my room LOL. Surprised max. Thanks guys!

I also got a lot of bday presentsss!! Happy!! Hahahhaa..

 I was fat! lolll!!

And during the year I am 18yo.. I got my first bb! hahahhaa.. I got boyfriend! I went to a lot of places.. Melaka 3 times? Ipoh, Penang, Genting, Vietnam!! Singapore, Redang..  I got a lot of new opportunities, I GROW! a lot. :)) and I rmmbr when I went back to Indonesia, I went out a lot lol. Coz I miss them so muchhhhhhh~~ hahahaha. Not only grow inside, I grow outside too. LOL. I become fat lol. I mean well, not fat until like how la, but everyone SERIOUSLY EVERYONE comment and say that I am fat. Thennnnn, I went back Indonesia, my mom was sick, and I took care of her, she ate porridge, and I follow too ate porridge, and tadaahhh.. I lose weight again :D and back to my normal size hahaha...

As for my 17th bday.. It was the best I guesss!!
I remember it was 2 days before the national exam, and I was sleeping when suddenly 8AM my room door was open and all of my friends were there. THAT ONE REALLY WAS A SURPRISE. I'M SERIOUSLY SURPRISED. lol. And I also rmmbr, that night all my relatives come and celebrate my bday, but then my parents went to China hahaha

Well, it was the best coz all my friends and family were there. Best moment when you can spend your special day with those you love ♥.

My 16th bday is when I was in senior high school 2/ Grade xi. I remember I got a lot of presents LOL. And it was during final exam. Then that year.. what I remember.. hmm.. I was busy with the Student Council, I was the secretary, and we were busy for the "Sky Arc" aka Sekolah Kristen Yusuf Art Competition. Hahaha. We were busy for the regeneration of student council as well. And some other stuffs I forgot LOL.

But among all rite, I totally forgot my 15th bday. What did I do that time arrr... Like seriously don't remember huahahhahaa.... I mean the bday day itself.. I don't remember at all ugh. OK So I don't know what.. Let's just skip hahahaha

Even my 14th bday I still can remember, how come I can't recall what happen in the 15th yea lol..
My 14th bday rite, celebrated it in pizza, I think paparonz pizza? Next to ILP, it's all you can eat pizza hahaha. Then I remember Sherly, Jeannete and Stevany bought me a cake, too bad no pic! but the cake end up in all over our faces and bodies. LOL. I got a cassette from Gunawan! and a lot of soft toys from friends. And we were busy for the junior high school national exam :))

And my 13th bday.. I remember I got a lot of presents too!! Hahahahaha.. I got big pink piggy soft toy which I love MAX!! It was during exam too, and I got a lot of presents right.. then I brought it, and it was so big till my teacher knew that it was my bday :)). Then I ran straight away after school home because I was so scared my friends all will throw me with water, tea, egg, flour, and stuffs. hahahaha.

It was fun being a teenager. HAVING FUN ALL TIME. Well, till now I am still having fun though. But now, since I am gonna graduate soon, need to think about work and future. Then now, I am a part of something bigger, and I am called for something greater. As time files, I grow. :) 19 years and 51 weeks in this earth.. Thank You Lord!

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