Thursday, April 26, 2012

20th blessed bday

SO I am 20 (and 8 days) years old now! A lot of people welcomed me to the world of 20 lol. It was indeed a very blessed birthday. Having thoughtful friends came all the way to celebrate my birthday. It was really a surprise seeing some of my friends who stay not near from my house to actually come and celebrate my birthday :'). So thanks to all of you who were there, outside LV security guardhouse lol, for being so thoughtful, come and celebrate with me my first day of not being a teenage anymore hahaha.

Ratna, Nia, Mel2, Jennifer, Rika, Venna, Tere, Ivone, Ce Nai, Ci Kher, Fanny, Maria, Endinda, Valon, Ce Clara, Ce Lucy, Ko Frank, Robby, Ivan, Ko Sandy, Ko Wawan, Acong, Eric, Andro, Indra, Ricky. :')

group picture :D
Thank you! Happy! The most touching part was seeing Rika, Venna, Acong came all the way from Cheras, and Robby from Cyber. :') and then there are Tere, Ivone, Ci Nai! Unexpected! :') :')

Actually I was almost asleep that day. I was so tired and the next day I'm having a morning class. So I wanna sleep and I told Frank to come and celebrate my birthday tomorrow. lol. I was almost asleep 'til Opa CS called from Indonesia :D:D He called and wished me a happy birthday. Thank you Opa :) All the way from Indonesia :'). Then my love JENNY also called me!! Happy max duh! =)) I knew she wouldn't be able to come and give me surprise coz she is in SIS and the curfew until 10PM. But didn't expect her to call me! Hahaha.. Thank you my little girl ♥

When I was on the phone with her, someone knocked my door. I opened and there were Frank, Mel2, and Nia. Ready to cover my eyes. I was already super ugly coz wanna sleeepppp d maaa.. ugly lo.. lol

Then Frank piggyback-ed me all the way to outside LV. Hahaha...

Never miss any chance to pose for pictures :p
And there they all were.. :)
With a very pretty cake (Ratna said they chose the cake because it describes me.. pretty! Hahahaha.. Thank you, Ratna! :p)

Strawberry Garden Cake from RT Pastry House :)
And then I cried!
LOL. Actually I didn't hahahaha.. I wore eye mask before I slept and then all people thought I was crying. Actually I was taking off my eye mask :p but I'm touched! Really! :)

See how ugly I was? :((((
Frank said, next time during my birthday, before sleep go put some powder, then nicely comb the hair, so will be pretty in the pictures hahahahahahahahaa.. should have wore nicer pajama also! Hahahahhaa...

Me with the cake! :)
 Even though I was ugly that time, still, took lots of pictures :D hahahaha..

Happily cutting the cake
Luckily there were only 2 candles representing 20! :)
SW14 ♥

Dancers ♥

Cheras :)

Fresh Kids!

Lagoonview :D

Suria Mas :D

Leni & Can-ju or Kan-ju?

Geng Rebo! Hahahaha

Presentsss!! :D Thank you!

Alrighty, my post ends here first. I am flying to Indonesia in 4 hours! Woohoo!! Gonna continue post other things once I got back here :)

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