Friday, April 13, 2012


Food from my instagram pictures. Random order.
Be prepared to droll! lol

 1. Fried Mushroom from TGIF Sunway Pyramid

2. I forgot the name lol. I think it's Mepanggang Chicken? Duh sorry! It's from Water Lily in Mutiara Tropicana. =)
3. Vegetarian Nasi Lemak from Simple Life Sunway Pyramid. Surprisingly it tastes so GOOD!!
(I mean I am a meat lover and never thought vegetarian food will taste so good hahaha. =x)
 4. Pappardelle Ragout. Don't ask me what that means. lol. It is from Market Hall in Pavilion Shopping Mall, and I heard they are going to close next month? :(

 5. Lou Shu Fan from Murni! Hahahaha

 6. Vegetarian Pasta from Market Hall Pavilion too :))

7. Ummm another dish that I don't know the name! LOL. It's from Thai Thai Sunway Pyramid and it tastes so goodd!! :p
 8. Hakka Mie & Cha Siu from Toast and Roast SS2. Like (y)

 9. Nasi Campur from Water Lily which can be also found in Ole Ole Bali :)

 9. Levain's Macaroon!! See how colorful they are.. but I don't like.. lol.. too sweet :p

10. umm umm.. herbal chicken rice with sausage? lol. sorry. guess I am so old already. =x
 11. Food from Ikea!! Love the meatball only hahaha.. and CURRY PUFFS!!

 12. BESTTTTT from Serai Restaurant. Nasi Kerabu ♥ yes the rice is blue color :P

 13. Another favourite. Pan Mie from Face to Face :D:D:D

 14. Bacon and Egg Pizza! This one is from Cafe de Waraku Taman Anggrek in Indonesia :D

 15. Melaka's chicken rice ball!!!!! Okay now I start craving for all these foods lol

 16. Chicken Teriyaki Omurice ♥ Surprisingly nice too :p from Cafe de Waraku as well :)

 17. Vietnam President Pho

18. Ok this is a fish. lol. don't know how I should call it. No special name. Prepared by the tour guide in Vietnam for our lunch in Mekong River :D

19. Tamago Mentai from Sushi Zanmai. This is the reason I wanna come back to Zanmai despite its superduperlongqueue. Hahaha

OK! That's all! Hope this post brings up appetite for you. lol :p

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