Tuesday, April 17, 2012

HBDC! :p

This is gonna be a random post that you would not understand (again).

So apparently today I found out that one of my wishes is not coming true. Pretty sad when the news is being told to me. Well, there is still a little hope that all of a sudden it might change.. I mean, miracles do happen. But big chance it is not gonna. Why? Because I am fighting it alone. So, it is okay. I am okay. If not, I am gonna be okay pretty soon. If it is meant to be, it will be right? Right?? Apparently no, if you are not putting any effort on it.

Today I was thinking.. there are tooooo many things that I want. Come on, every one has a lot of things they want in their life, right? Yes, so I am a normal human. However, not a lot of all those things I can get. Like I said in previous paragraph, my that one wish is not gonna happen. But then, I still have a bunch of spare wishes that some of them are threaten not to come true as well. lol!! I don't know it is my luck not so good or I am not fight for it enough or well, it is really not meant to me hahaha.

So, I am reminded of the phrase "manage your expectations". High expectations = high disappointments. No expectation = no disappointment. But I just couldn't bear not to expect.

Anywaysss, I am sad and disappointed, but trying not to show it, or better, trying not to be sad and disappointed. Coz who am I? and who are you? We are strangers.

Ok I know it starts getting weirder and weirder hahaha..
I better stop.

And  it's 17th of April.
I know you read my blog ;)

Hope you have a good one!
Well you surely have, since I wish you through my blog! Hahahahahahahaa!!!!

Gonna hit the sack.
Night world :D
Please be good to me tomorrow :)

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