Thursday, May 03, 2012

20th best birthday :)

I know it's already May, but I still can talk about my birthday rite??? Rightttttt... hahahaha

Well so, that night, after they all were satisfied in turning me into one of those shining guys in Bukit Bintang, they left. It was already late night, and I know some of us have morning class the next day (including me) lol. So I went back too. Frank followed me, and he helped me with all of the stuffs I got :D:D *happy*.

I went to take bath, transforming back from Edward Cullen to Leniwaty. Hahaha. By this I mean I cleaned up all the glitters in my body. Then when I went out, nope, this time no more candles in my room :p. Frank only there haha. We opened the presents that I got from my komsel; Ratna; Jennifer; Venna, Rika, Ci Mei & Ci Kez. After that he asked me whether I want more presents LOL. No need to ask ma! I always love presents :p haha :p

Therefore, he went out a while and came back with thissssssssssss:

It's a jelly rainbow cake in flower shape! :D

And it tastes good ;) hehehe.
Thank you ♥
Another chance to make a wish :p

3 days later.. which means.. 21st April 2012..

I got another cakeeeeeeeee!!!

Hahahaha, nooo, I liedddd.. :p
It wasn't my cake.. hahaha. It was Ste's cake, 21st April was his birthday.. but then coz me and Tommy just turn 20 and 19 three days before so they asked us to blew the candle together.

Alright, this was the real picture:

Hahaha, Tommy on the left, and Ste on the right. Just nice I was in the middle so I can crop out my pic only. LOL. Sowrie! :p #bdaygirlfailed

And and and..
I got a lot of presents ^___^ (a lot is relative, and to me this is a lot :))
I am a happy girl. Super blessed and lucky :)

This time, my birthday, I am overwhelmed with love and blessings :) thank God and thanks people.
Even until today I still received present lol, the last one from Cherainne ^.^ she gave me and Traecy tupperware set :D She has always been so fair to us hahaha

Super happyy duhhh!!
All is the best!
Best of the best present I got in this birthday is knowing that I am loved, by God, and by people :) well, maybe not all, but why wanna bother haters :p.

People are so thoughtful :') I wanna cry every time I received a present. lol But seriously.. I didn't expect I will get so much love! So many wishes, so many surprises, so many presents, so many PRAYERS. :)

Thanks to all of you :) maybe I don't express my thank you enough, but I am really grateful, happy, and appreciate every little thing. :)

So big big big thanks to Ko Frank, Ratna, Mel2, Nia, Jennifer, Vela, Jenny, Novi, Ivone, Ko Ferdi, Ci Nai2, Venna, Rika, Ci Kez, Ci Mei, Shelvy, Vincent, Traecy, Jeremy, Indri, Anty, Tat Yang, Feli, Geboy, Cherainne. :) Love and blessings to all of you just like what I have received :)

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