Thursday, May 03, 2012

Awesome Avengers

Yes, it's 1:49PM and I am still awake. Still doing assignment and feel like blogging.

I just watched AVENGERS!! hohohohohoho

It was awesome as so many heroes there, and handsome guys, and Robin there! lol. She was cool.

It was even more awesome because I watched it with 133 other fellas from FGCC. LOL. I heard there were 134 of us, but I am not sure. I didn't bother to count. :p

Anyways, half of the studio was ours hahaha

 Can spot me? I was so small there T______T

There bigger me! :D

I think it will be super awesome in IMAX 3D! My friend said that she cannot tell whether it is the Avengers movie that is nice or the IMAX 3D too nice until make the movie become so nice.Haha. I think the movie itself also nice ;)

Should watch!
And got the tumblrs so nice I wantt!

But it is in Philippines I guess.. T___T

Alright need to finish my work and sleep.
Nites nites ♥

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