Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hi-Tea Time @ Levain

Today is the day. T_T
Tere and Andre are going back for good to Indonesia.. Huhuhu..

Tere and Andre are two of the best people I work with in Fresh Ministry. They are very supportive, positive, passionate, and the best, they always depend on God alone. I learn a lot from them, had fun with them all this time in Fresh Ministry.. So this is a sad moment that I have to let both of them go :(( But I do believe Andre will come back to Malaysia though :p I have that faith hahaha, as for Tere, I know she does not want to be here, she will bless other nations where she is supposed to.

Therefore, yesterday, me, Tere and Venna went to go hi-tea. Hahaha. We three ladies from Fresh Ministry LOL. We went to Levain in KL ♥

Pretty Tere ♥
I finished class at 1.30PM, Nana fetched me at 2 and we went to fetch Tere and off to KL :D. When we reached Levain, there were quite a lot of people in the first floor. I think there will always be crowded la the first floor. We chose to sit in the 2nd floor coz we wanna chit chat and take pictures. There will be a lot of distractions to do that in the first floor :p Hahaha. So we sat in the second floor. There were only 3 aunties in the second floor, doing hi-tea too I guess lol. Then we like saying we are the young version of them lolllll. Well well, when we are all grown up, we shall do hi-tea again hahaha.


Nana ♥
Me! XD
We spent our whole afternoon there LOL. We were in the 2nd floor right.. When the 3 aunties have gone.. left like 3 of us only.. The whole 2nd floor. We kinda wondering why no other people.. Turns out they have closed the 2nd floor section LOL. So we really have the whole 2nd floor for us only. How cool is that! We can do anything we want lol lol, we simply took pictures, no one looks at us XDXD, well maybe cctv but dont care hahaha.. We can also enjoy chatting without any background noise hahaha. TOTALLY GOD'S FAVOR!!!

Alright, pictures time!
I tell you first yea.. All the pictures will only be our faces.. LOL.. Maybe I give 2 food pics, but that's all! The rest are our pictures LOL..

Good to have my Samsung ST600 LOL. All three pictures we took ourselves. Thanks to the front LCD!! :D:D

Our outfit for the day:

I wanted to wear my Tiamo pink flat but later they surely say I am soooo pink lol, so I changed my mind :p

Always sweet Tere ♥

Pretty Nana ♥

Put one more picture of Tere coz she is the main girl today lol.
Levain's Green Tea Tiramisu

Levain's Chicken Kimchi Spagetthi.
Try-to-be-artistic-picture bahahahaha
Never missed out any chance to take picture. When the Levain staff came up we straight away ask him to help us take picture! XD

This made Tere cried  hahaha.
Love you Tere!!! So much!!
Thank you for this sweet friendship :)
See you when I see you.. In the next level for sure!
Take care of yourself and always be a blessing whenever you are.
God bless.
 *HUGS* :')

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