Thursday, May 17, 2012

The List

I am having a massive headache even though I have slept for 10 hours. Yesterday I slept on about 10.30 and this morning woke up at 9 o'clock. Massive headache is still there. And now I could not fall asleep. I tried to take nap, but too many things are going on in my mind. And instead of falling asleep, I start to think and think and think and list out all of the things that I need to do. This reminds me of the movie "I don't know how she does it". In one of the scene, Sarah Jessica Parker said that instead of sleeping, women do "The List". Haha, and I found it true!!

Check out the trailer hahaha

So yep, instead of sleeping, apparently I make the list too, and it stressed me out coz I really have many things to do hahaha.. So I get up from my bed coz I was thinking how could I enjoy taking nap while there are so many things in my list. Actually right, I should not be blogging too. Hmm.. Ok nvm, this was on the list as well. lol

So what's in The List of Mine?

1. Do FINISH my assignment.
IB assignment. I hate to type this but I have an assignment due this Monday, and I am far far far away from the finish line. And instead of doing it, I am blogging. Don't judge me! I am doing and blogging at the same time. Never know the power of multitask women?

This IB assignment stress me so much as I don't get the lecturer and it is so sad that such subject is not taught by a better lecturer that can actually really TEACH and not telling some random stuffs which do not make us understand a single thing. T_T. To be honest, I was waiting for this subject so muchh, and after three years they broke my heart by changing the lecturer. Gahh!! And not a better one.

I think this is the source of all my headache.

2. Finish everything regarding the Fresh Fiesta this Sunday.
Me and Frank are planning an event for Fresh Coordinators, supposedly something like Running Man lol, but well, it's far from that, so don't expect much! As this is our first time doing this, it's kind of a trial too :p

We are thinking of a way to gather the coordinators together and having fun together while learn something at the same time. All along what we do has always been meeting, meeting, and meeting. Sounds so serious. So we want something fun :D and since only me and Frank are preparing, so yep, there are many things waiting for their turn to be done. Haha.

3. Blog something
Which I am doing now lol. Actually I have some drafts and they are unfinished, so well, let's see when I have the spirit to finish them, which looks like a no to me haha

4. I need to buy black ink refill for my printer, and new protector skin for my itouch.

5. I need to cook for dinner tonight

6. I need to prepare something for tomorrow's intern meeting.
Ah, I get myself into an intern committee which I don't know why. Maybe because I think I don't have enough things to do, which I was wrong. So yep. More and more things to do. And tomorrow we have another meeting. I think it is an industry meeting and we, ex intern, will assist the juniors by answering any questions that they might have.

7. Need to prepare the questions set for coordinator presentation as well.
The Fresh Coordinators are gonna regenerate this July. Most of the coordinators will change, and the Fresh Fiesta is for current coordinators. This Saturday we will have the presentation for the new coordinators. We will look at their work program and stuffs, and they will be questioned. And I still have not have the fix questions set for them. And it's like 2 days awayy...

8. Owh geez, I just type 7. again after 7. I am too tired I guess.
No 8 will be take a rest as I really need a rest. I am forcing myself too far and this morning I got a very blessing message, from Ce Devi. She told me this message from Rick Warren. Psalm 127:2 says, "God wants His loved ones to get their proper rest.". And sometimes the most spiritual thing you can  do is go to sleep. Because things look worse when you are tired. Which is pretty true. You will never be at your best if you're not getting rest.

So yep, next week is my midterm break holiday, and surprisingly ritee.. I look at my calendar and nothing is really going on for next week! It's pretty amazing when I saw these 2 weeks I have been super busy, I write at least a thing in my schedule, but none for next week. God really wants me to have a good rest I guess. So I really am gonna break during my break next week :D

ah I still have #9. Ask Jenny out for a date next week!

10. Make card for Patricia.

11. Go for spa!!
Woohoo.. Ibam has been generous by giving me this spa voucher hahaha. I got the time next week so I am gonna goooooo and treat myself :D

I will stop here and start doing my list.

Wish me luck for my assignments :D

One picture before I sign off,
Frank and I wore same shirt on Sunday :D

smile. duck face. 3finger smile. bwee.

And I am currently in love with this song:
Like A Fire - Planetshakers

Ok ok signing off. Hahaha
See youh!

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