Friday, May 11, 2012

SW14 Dinners

Dinner with my SW14 girls ♥.
One was 20th April, my birthday dinner in Wong Kok Sunway Pyramid. Another one was 6th May, Cia's birthday dinner in Canton-i Sunway Pyramid.Yes we do love Pyramid that much. Besides it is the nearest :p

So let me introduce you to my girls :)

So this is SW 14 (Sunway 14/ Our freshcom name haha), lack of Shelvy.

This is Vela and Nia. Vela is doing her degree in Hospitality Taylors, while Nia is doing her foundation (CIMP) in Sunway.

On the left is Jenny. Yes she always acts like that hahaha. On the right is Novi. Jenny and Novi are in their senior high school (form 10/SMA 1) in SIS. So.. well, they are very very young, especially if compared to me T_T so please don't haha

Taken using my ST600 front LCD. Yups, you can take picture by yourself (read:camwhore) up to 9 people! COOL RIGHT! :P

On the right is Melisa aka Melmel. Doing her first degree in Accounting Finance Sunway University. Basically, she is my junior :p :p see how old I am. *sigh*

Don't you think Vela is so pretteehhh!! There was a time when my sis with her friends came to Malaysia. We went to Sunway Pyramid, and I bumped into Vela. Then my sis' friend asked me to introduce him to Vela. LOL. But she is taken! So nonono :p

And on the right is Ratna. She is our president in SW 14. LOL. She is also the oldest among us all. Yay me, at least not the oldest muahahaha. She is doing psychology in Sunway Uni. So you guys, start feeling crazy? Come find her hahaha

And this is me with my lovely Jenny :)

On the left is Jennifer. She is so quiet but never underestimate quiet girl! :p She is currently doing foundation in Arts and gonna go the same path with Ratna, do psychology!

At the very left is Patricia.  She is the newest member of SW14. Currently doing CIMP too like Nia, but this is her first semester.

See see! Me with the high school girls, doesn't have big difference right??? *wink wink

Duck Faces lol

Woop woops April girls ♥

Family dinner! ahaha

My 2 lovely kids :*

So that's SW14 as for now. :))

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