Thursday, May 03, 2012

Sweetest Escape ♥

Like I said before, I went back to Indonesia last Thursday, 26th April 2012. It was my brother's bday. I got him a chocolate mousse and a jacket, and me come back as his presents lol.

Indonesia was awesomeeeeee....
It's been forever since I went back home (read: 2 months; but feel like forever T_T). I've been missing home and friends. I don't remember my last time went back home for a month :( I miss nasi tim, and all foods there.

So I was super super happy when I can go back Indonesia. Even though only for 4days. Super short trip T_T but memorable! Hehehe.

My mom was so funny duh, the day I went back, that Thursday, she asked me what I wanna eat, then I said I want "martabak telor". She said ok, and she went to buy all food with my auntie. Then when she came back, she brought a lot of food right, then one package she said, "oh itu punya oce".

My heart beat so fast coz wanna eat martabak.
Til she said "itu ketoprak punya oce"

She bought the wrong thing lol.
I asked for martabak and she apparently remember that I like ketoprak, and don't know why mis-listen martabak as ketoprak hahaha.

Coz I ate too many other stuffs, every time wanna buy martabak, I was super full already. Hahaha

On Friday, me, Denny, Hony, and Teddy hung out. Eat, eat, eat, and take pictures. Hahaha

 Hehehe, we took pictures in Little Icon Mall Taman Anggrek. :D

Then apparently Hony needs to leave us, so left me and Denny and Teddy and we went to PV, and took even more pictures there lol. Jefry and one friend come later to join us.



Then the next day, Saturday, I spent my time at home, watching television with my lovely cousins, Angel and Phei2. They came to stay over with my beloved auntie too :) She didn't make nasi tim for me this time, but she bought nasi tim for me. Enjoying TV with cousins and nasi tim in my comfy room is the best!! And it's been forever since I did that. huhu. Now I miss Phei2 :(

At night, I went with my bffs from high school :)
It's a reunion yayy!!

We went to eat in Hachimaki in PIK. I tell you what.. Now PIK is super crowded mannnn... Usually if my friends wanna hang out with me.. they will need to fetch me from their house.. let's say in the middle, fetch me to the north, and we hang out to the other direction LOL. Like so far and super troublesome need to fetch me first hahaha.

But now!! They are very easy fetch me coz now we hang out in PIK mannnnnn! Super lots of foods and stuffs there. I can't imagine how the jam will be once the PIK Mall open T_T 

 There we are! Teddy, Deby, Evelyn, Leni, Michelle, Danny, Hony, Stevany, Adit, CS, and Denny taking the picture lol


But then Hachimaki is not nice........ weee... never wanna go there anymore.. I love Ichiban Ramen in Pyramid. Both Hachimaki and Ikkousha I don't like. 

Thenn, after dinner, we went to this place to chill.. I forgot the place name.. somewhere in PIK as well.. Near a place named LIMA. But forgot the place's name..

We went there to drink and chit chat, and apparently to celebrate my birthday too!

Surprised and you can read happiness in my face!

Even happier after cut the cake

Coz it's a rainbow cake!! Woaaaa...

Saw rainbow cake first time in 9gag. Heard that it's currently famous in Indonesia. Never thought I would actually get one myself! Tastes yummy! Thanks bffsss!!!! Lovesss!!!

Then the whole night we played card named Saboteur, and chit chatsss, sharing is caring! :p
Loveeeeee that nightttttt!! Really miss our quality time altogether :'(

And then comes Sunday..
One day before I have to come back to Malaysia T_T

Early in the morning I went to JPCC with Hony and it was AWESOME. Seriously awesome God experience :'). Team from Abundant Life Church came and served there. I remember I was singing this song from Chris Tomlin named Our God in the morning, and they brought that songgggg!! Super love! Blessed me a lot :)

After that we went to Grand Indonesia to have lunch, in Pizza Hut :) and Hony got me a belated birthday cupcake ♥

Cute right? with the kiss there hihihi :P Thanks Hony! ♥

and then we camwhore lol

And I received a bbm from Angel telling me that my mom is going to buy me a new blackberry!!!! :D:D:D Hahaha, my gemini was broken, I forced it too far I guess T_T and I have been using my pinkberry again and it stressed me so much that I couldn't type A. SO proposed to mommy a new phone and she has been soooo generouss by approving it. I love you mom!!

So say hello to my new bellagio :)

Camwhore with my beloved cousin, Phei2 ♥


closed my eyes in pic no3 haha

:)) the day just got even better as me and Denny, Hony, Adit went to sing karaoke at night! Hahaha.. Sang like crazeeeehhhhhhh :)) but it was all worth it!!! lol

Stole the picture from Denny's instagram @dennytwin

And Monday came..
Time to come back to reality? Hahaha. But before, I met up with Michelle, and followed by meeting Stephanie and Eric :)

I had a really great time. Seriously!!! It was the best and sweetest escape :) Til I don't wanna come back hahaha.. But I need to finish what I should finish here before I go back for good. And I hope it is not so soon. :) As much as I don't wanna be here, I wanna be here. Hahhaa.

I have a pretty long post huh? :))

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