Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I am happy girl in a happy world!

Been 10 days I haven't blogged lol. like that was important.

I wanna be a happy girl coz tonight I am a happy girl lol.

Despite everything that is going on.. (like my visa, my assignment, my coming exams, my trip, my bro, and my HAIR, lol talk about this later) I am still a happy girl =DD

Tomorrow we need to submit IB assignment and we have finished it!! Like since this afternoon.. You see right, normally we will like till this kind of time also still editing. But we have done it since yesterday, and this afternoon all printed d!! I am touched with the hardworking of my group :')

So that's one thing that makes me happy ! Left only one assignment this semester!! Oh well 2, coz need to present MC assignment next week.

But still!! THAT 2 ARE MY LAST ASSIGNMENTS EVER! well not ever if i wanna continue my study haha, but as for now, my last 2 assignments!!!!! I am graduating soon!! Saying good bye to assignment hahaha. =DD


Well, as for the result, I will leave it to God haha.. well, I have done my best, He will take care of the rest =)
I am blessed and highly favoured and His favors last a life time, and that applies to my assignments grades ;) I BELIEVE! :))

Yesterday we had this work meeting in the church..
Basically it was about the church vision and our upcoming work programing.

This is another thing that makes me happy.
I am excited with this and apparently Fresh Family is excited too!!! =))

The response that I got makes me so happy and I am sooo looking forward for all of the great things that will be happening in the church!

I know la this sounds so vague but well, hard to explain, will explain it gradually when we have things going on! =DD

Oh and this afternoon, me and Trace went to see room for my brother..
It was a funny moment.. LOL..
I know this guy from FB, from Lagoonview group.. He posted about a room that will be available on August and it's a single extension room, and cost RM 600 only, well excluded though, but compared to what I have always got, it is cheap lol.

Therefore I messaged him and asked about the availability of the room hahaha, and he replied me and to make the story short, I made an appointment today with him.. THROUGH FACEBOOK. LOL.

I didn't know his phone no at all, I just said I will come and see the room.

So I went there with Traecy..
Funny thing right.. We are in the same lift with 2 people that are staying in that unit.. I think that 2 are confused like never saw us but we followed them.. They didn't ask anything la, they just go in the house..

Then.. I tried to ring the bell.. but apparently it is not working -.-
So I knocked, but no one responded LOL, then I peeped through the window and saw the girl just now in the same lift with us LOL.. and so I thick skinned shouted "excuse me" to call her hahahaha..

And she opened the door and let me meet that guy haha. I didn't think that I would need his phone no, lolol. Mana tau bell rusak!

Oh the room was not bad!
10 people are staying in that unit O.O mine now like.. only me and Traecy LOL..

I don't know whether my bro would like that or not.. but it will be good since he will get like 9 new friends all of a sudden bahahaha..

And actually I need to get him any room first.. as long as have a place to stay first, after that if he wanna find others with friends or how.. up to him la ya..

More things that make me happy!!
Tomorrow me and gang are going to go KARAOKE =D♪♫
It is a celebration coz we have finished our IB assignment LOL. Yea you need to always make short-term success, celebrate everything in life!! hahahahaha...

Not only that, we are going to eat in snowflake and try gong cha too... CAN'T WAIT!! =DD

Just realised I have no pic at all in this post lol,

So here are some pictures..
 This is me before I cut my hair.. see how long my hair was?

 Then the hairstylist decided to throw away half of my hair.. T_T

Yes I know, short is nicer because it is neater, I look younger, I look fresher.. Hahaha.. A lot of people already told me that =p but it was veryyyyyy hard for me at first T_____T I love my long hair and super shocked when I saw my hair like so short all of a sudden haha.. Not that this is ugly, nope, I know it is cute lol, but well, I just couldn't accept it at first hahaha.. you know.. this bond I have with my hair.. At first it was like I break up with my hair T_T and no chance to get back together anymore.. lol.. But I have moved on!! It's been a week and oh well, in another 3 years my hair would grow that long again :p

But I must say that I look cuter with this hair =3 =p no? :p

Here's a picture of me and Yathra =DD

The funny things is right.. I went to cut my hair with Nia, so she was the very first to see my new hair.. and apparently 2 days after that she forgot.. LOL.. Met her in Canopy walk and she COULD NOT recognise me at first LOL.. I was like "Nia!" and she's like "eh ce Leni!" then I asked, did not you recognise me just now? and she said yes.. lol.....

Me moment with new hair. lolol. I look cuter so I took a lot of self pictures. Sowry =x =p

A picture with Frank =D
Spot my bunnie ears is the same with the finger =p and Frank's specs too! Hahaha..

Our Fingerfaces =p

and a sweet friend of mine @yohanasetiani made this for me =3 so sweet of her!!
Even though my name is spelled wrong a bit haha, should be Leniwaty :p
and IT'S PINK!!
Haven't asked whether she purposely made it pink for me or just coincidence hahaha.
Anw Thanks Nana ♥

Last 2 pictures!!

Me and Frank =D

Me and Frank again hahaha..
Yes we LOVE to take pictures =p=p=p

Alright, happy girl is going to sleep.
Good night!! =DD

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