Saturday, June 30, 2012

Last class in university

I have been sooooooooo busy these few weeks. Like really busy. So many things are going on! I have limited time to rest and it reached a maximum point and I fell sick on Tuesday haha.

I think I was too tired, busy, and thinking too many stuffs lol.

It was weird though, Tuesday morning I was still okay, in uni I sneezed a bit but didn't expect that when I reach home afternoon, I laid in my bed, and all my energy gone. I kept sneezing, runny nose attacked me and that's it, I was sick hahaha.

Maybe it's because I am missing home too =p

But now I am already okay!! =DD
Yesterday my voice still sounds sexy coz of nose blocking hahaha, but now I am all good =DD


Thursday was my last day going to class.. Yup. My university life has finally come to an end. And I must say my last class was the best way to end this three year experience =)

So we have this subject name New Business Development in which we need to develop a business. So that Thursday was the time when we need to "sell" our products to the lecturers.

All of us did our best to prepare our booth, promote our products and make sure the lecturers love them so they would want to buy (and give us good marks haha).

Best thing is the lecturers who examined us were the subject lecturer, and the other two are Mr. Shannon and Mr. VO! They both are like our "father" LOL. Coz Shannon taught us for 3 sem in a row, then after than VO taught us for 2 sem in a row. They know us pretty well haha. So it was fun having them around :))

Here are some pics of our last class and last presentation ! =D

My Group! =D

Indria with our super simple booth LOL

Our flyers and prototype hahaha I bet you are wondering what is that lol

Trinker Wets!

Vending Machine Prototype =O

That's Geboy selling his towel

Convincing VO to give good marks! =p

Glasses that can take pictures. Stalkers would love this! Hahaha.

Camho with lecturer but failed lol

Then asked TY's help to take hahaha


Mr Vahid!

and he is holding a G12, waiting for the pics from him, sure nicer quality

This is Qi Yong.

Vahid and his ex-assistant, now level up to brother already haha, Jackson.

TY photobombed us!

pretty 'thing' Yathra hahaha


wiff Mr Shannon! BEST LECTURER EVER!

There goes our 3 years together. From 30+, left 10 of us haha.
Hope we all graduate together (as in no one fails any of the subject now) =))
Precious 3 years. Time flies so fast!!!
Glad that I met each and one of you.

Time to level up and move from class to real life. That doesn't sound interesting lol.

All the best for us on exam!! =))

which in in one week time and I need to study!!

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tracielity said...

WOOOOOOO Why u got so much photo to upload?? I got none so I haven blog about that yet hahaha.. BEST WAY TO END OUR UNI LIFE AND BEST LAST CLASS!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!! Going crazy all over again... hyper hyper hyperrrr