Saturday, June 09, 2012

London The Summer Musical

Another musical is happening in Sunway Lagoon!! Woohooo!! Now it's time for summer in London! This will be the third musical I watch in Sunway Lagoon hahaha. I have always loved musical! MammaMia, Dream Girls, well Glee not really watch though :p only the singing parts hahahaha. I did watch Indonesian musical movie too last time, starring those singers from Akademi Fantasi Indonesia, but I forgot the movie title lol, it was like 10 years ago? lol, so long.

Then when I am here in Malaysia, I did not miss the chances of course! I watched Magical Musical and Aladdin the Musical last year. Now when London, the Summer Musical is out, me and my musical gang (Indria and Traecy lol) were already eying on it lol lol.

At first we wanted to buy the ticket, using student card you can get 50% discount! So the cheapest will be like RM40 only, and you will get discount ticket to go to Sunway Lagoon as well. We thought we will buy the ticket once we have decided when we wanna go, since now we are still surrounded by assignments. Until last Monday afternoon, Ms. Sue-Ann from SSD asked in FB whether anyone wants to watch the musical for free, only for that day. I was like "Free?? *_*" lolololol.

Apparently, they invite all Sunway staffs and students also can! hahaha

So I asked Trace whether wanna go, since it's free :p so we ask Indria and Anty and Frank as well. =DD

The story is about three stewardesses from US having 48 hours in London, and they met three hot British guys bahahaha..

Some songs they sing include Flying the Flag, One Thing, Closer, Last Friday Night, My Heart Will Go On, and many others.
Snapped some pictures but not so good quality =x

Woots Woots

I love the dancers! and their costumes hahahaha. There was one they wear a dress with blingish UK flag! Maximum loveeee! I didn't take the picture, busy watching it haha.

It was good I must say. Well, my fav is still the Magical Musical last year though. But this one is not bad too! Go watch while you have the chance! Only until 8 July 2012!


A picture of us stolen from Anty's instagram. #hardiantidanial. Hahahaha. =p

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