Thursday, July 12, 2012

Exam and Pictures

I am in exam period and I have just done my third paper. Left one paper only on Monday. My last paper ever in my degree life =DDD *happily dancing*

So since my another paper will be on Monday, now I take time to chill a while. Imma blog! =DD

But I don't know what to blog =/

I have some pictures though..

This is when me with girls went for lunch in Sushi Zanmai a few weeks ago!

Tamago Mentai Attack =D

Anty, Cherainne and Trace

Me with Indria =D


Hahahaha.. so random ar me =/

Another set of pictures..

Tat Yang's house warming party last week! =D

Ignore Geboy please.

Selca polariod pic hahahhaa. End up with half Anty and half Trace lol.
Today's exam was so stressful that we decided to just take pictures lol.

Pretty so I post hahahahahahaha :p

Me, Indria and Traecy. Memorable moment =)

LOL. I am too lazy to type or write anything so I let all these pics to speak this time LOL.


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