Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lunch and Supper.

Everything, good or bad, has to come to an end. My three-year life in university has to come to an end.

Today, me and girls went to have our last lunch as students before we actually go back to our hometown, and not coming back for another semester. Because we are over it. Happy yet sad news.

Never really thought of this before. Of the end of our uni life. 3 years have gone pretty fast.

Alright, it sounds sadder and sadder lol.
Before I tear up I better talk about good stuffs hahahaha.

So we went to have lunch in Thai Thai Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid, as they have just renovated, brand new! Hahaa.

Camho while waiting for the rest to come =D

My Thai Ice Tea! I love it!!

Anty and Indria =D

Treacy and I =D

Indria with the after-mixed Thai Ice Tea haha

Anty with my half-drinked Thai Ice Tea lol. I was so thirsty and kept drinking while waiting for them hahaha

Pretty Feli. Dressed up coz it's a farewell lunch ='(

Tomyam chicken soup =DD

Sizzling Bean Curd

Stir-Fried Kangkung Belacan

Fried Garoupa! Bestt!!

Pandan Leaves Chicken
With our food! Purposely took picture before eat so we have a very nice table with all food and haven't-become-fat faces LOLLLL.
It was quite a lot for us 5 girls lol. We ate until we sooooo full and too lazy too move hahaha.

Pweetty girls :D no? :p

Randomly taken picture by Anty hahaha

Having transaction lol.
After eating we went to walk a while and they shopped! I was able to tahan myself not to shop =DDDD. I went to saloon instead haha, get hair treatment and cut my bangs.

Cute? No? :p hahaha
Then here are some random pictures of us in Sunway Pyramid :D

After that I went to see Jenny and have dinner with her. We chatted quite long and she taught me one thing that she got from her "saat teduh". It is very often that we couldn't fall asleep because we are worried. At night, right before we sleep, is the time where devil works his best to disturb our mind by putting those worrying thoughts. She told me that when we start feeling worried about all things, start counting our blessings instead. At least if it doesn't help you to fall asleep, it makes you feel grateful and joyful. =)

I am super glad that I could know Jenny. I love you, young lady! ♥

A picture taken last week in Ayam Penyet ^.^

Just now, we went for "last-supper". As in same la, last supper when we are still students coz everyone is going back. Forgot to take any picture, only took 1 with Anty hahaha

Taken with iphone and filtered heavily that our skins become so nice! Hahahaha
Alright.. That's for today!
I am watching The Moon that Embraces the Sun and I couldn't help but crying because it's soooooooo SAD!! My heart melts watching that series.. ='(

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