Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back in Malaysia..

Now from Malaysia =(
Yesh, I am back here in Malaysia. and I already miss everything about UK.. Like everythingggggg.. ok except food hahaha, I miss the weather, the wind, the green, the people, the double-decker bus, my room in Lancaster, the party that we always did every night in the kitchen, the awesome threesome, Primark, all the travel that we did.. I miss everythinggggggg!!!!!!!!

People are starting to upload all the pictures and looking at them make me miss it even more! I never knew this 3-week trip can take a big place in my heart.

UK has been so great. I didn't expect, didn't imagine, didn't think that this trip could be this awesomeeeee!! Like seriously awesome. Too bad my classmates were not be able to make it. =((

It is really a blessing that I was able to go there.
I met new people, from different parts of the world.
New friendships are made.
New things are learnt.
New experiences.
New stuffs from my shopping hahaha.

Oh and actually, about 2 years ago, someone gave me Great Britain pounds and told me that they are gifts for me so that one day I can visit the place. Now that I was there only I remember about that hahaha. He said "if you can dream it, you can achieve it" popular quote by Walt Disney. So thank you. :)

I have a lot of things to blog about! My camera and iphone and half Adi's camera's pictures are 4k in total LOL. Hope I will not be lazy to blog about it!

Alrighty, I promise to blog about London.. Next post is London! Really!! Hahaha

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