Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Starting off my blog with a pretty picture.. hahaha..

I have only blogged til London 2nd day.. that means I have more than 15 days of stories to be blogged.. that's painful as every time I choose pictures for me to blog, I will remember those days and miss them again -.- and wish that I could turn back time and be forever there lol.

It is even worse as I am currently alone here at my condo in Malaysia, Traecy is in Ipoh, and my bro finally stays in his house. Well, I can follow him but here internet is faster lol, and bigger space. I can feel the loneliness since my bro is there. I am super glad that he is here in Malaysia if no I can't imagine being all alone since I came back from UK. No Tracy at home, no one =(. That's sad. So I am grateful he is around here!

Alright another post about London!
Now is our third day in London, we went to Greenwich, tried to find Greenwich Meridian Line.. you know.. that place where east meet west and where the time different 24 hours? Hahaha.. but apparently we could not find it.. coz the line is in the observatory and we didn't know. Our bad not google it, but I can only use my internet if there's wifi there, but there was not, so I can do nothing haha.

Reason being why I can't use my internet.. well, the provider told me that coz my iphone was not bought in UK, so I can't use the internet even though I have already subscribed. Not happened to every iphone, mine was the unlucky one.. so.. well.. limited internet =(

Back to Greenwich.. so yea.. we walked and asked people where is the line, and apparently a lot of them have no idea as well.. We simply walked and we can't find it, and we gave up (still not googling LOL). We wanna go to the Greenwich park but it was closed due to olympic preparation =(.

In conclusion, the trip to Greenwich kinda produced nothing.. except I get to try their McD ice-cream!

Wispa Gold and it tastes so GOOD! Especially it was hot there.. best time to have ice cream =D

That's me happily eating my ice cream =DD

To be honest, I did not really take a lot of pictures because I was lazy hahaha #failtraveller. Hahaha

But I do have some!!
I didn't edit them at all.. So you can see the real pictures! (excuse for being lazy to edit the pictures lol)

Enjoy Greenwich!

On our way to find the line..

 We can't find the line, can only find this LOLLL!! That's me with Albert and Jana's umbrella! It was really hot T_T

Couldn't find the line, so we went back, and found Greenwich Market! =D Bought a poker card for my bro there.

 Even a pale, they decorated it with flowers till it becomes so pretty!

End my post with a picture of a happy me with Jana's umbrella. Jana, even though you are not in this post, I mentioned your name a few times! See! Hahahaha

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