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Hello Lancaster!

Hello from Lancaster!
It has been almost 2 weeks I am in United Kingdom! =O =O Can't believe it that I am in UK typing this right now. lol.

Finally I have the opportunity to sit down and use Adi's laptop to blog lol.

First of all, I am gonna explain about my trip.
This is a 3-week summer program conducted by my university, Sunway Univeristy which has affiliates with Lancaster University. Therefore, students like me who are doing Lancaster program in Sunway can go for this summer program which is held once a year (of course la ya, it is on the summer of every year). I think it just started last year.

It is not a compulsory, and I think not everyone can go as well, as I needed to fill up this form and answer those questions like why would I be the perfect person to represent Sunway (something like this, I forgot already the exact question :p and some other questions).

But then I didn't now whether there are students that did not get to go because I didn't ask, and there are 35 of us from Malaysia who join this program. 3 of them are not Malaysians, that includes me, Adi, and Anita who is from Kenya.

Second of all, I must say that I am glad Adi is around!!
OMO!! He is the best partner to go travel with! Hahaha.

Because Me and Adi are Indonesians, we need to get our UK visa, so we did that together before this program. Good to be Malaysians, they need not to go to this process.

Before this trip, me and Adi were like total acquaintance lol. I know him as he is one of Ratna's best friends, I often saw him and Ratna often talks about him as well, and he apparently is Indria's friend as well. But we never really talked to each other, even until last week, when we're already in UK, I didn't have his mobile phone no LOL. I only have his BBM, but now I asked him already hahaha.

THEN we suddenly so close here in UK till I actually totally have forgotten that we were just acquaintance before this hahahaha. This is the fastest period that I become so close with a friend in my life hahahaha. Main reason is because that we knew no one. Out of the other 33, we actually knew no one (now we know almost every one :p), so we must protect each other lol. Another reason maybe coz only both of us are Indonesians, and we share the same journey til we can be here, like right here in UK!! :'))))

So why Adi is the best travel mate of all:
1. He brought DSLR and he loves photography, while I love to be in the picture. Perfect match!
2. He brought laptop and iPad, while I brought none. Now I am borrowing his laptop lol.
3. He is a guy, while I am a girl young lady :p. Heavy lifting sure he will do because he is a total gentleman.
4. He doesn't mind I do all those non sense stuffs. In fact, he does more non sense stuffs than me! Hahahaha. So I need not to 'jaga' my image at all. Imagine need to act all good to keep image for three weeks! Sounds so tiring lol.

So yea Adi is the best! And I think he doesn't think the same thing as me, as in he will not think of me as the best travel mate coz I sound like I am such a burden for him, which I think I kinda am. Hahahaha. Sorry Adi, bad luck for you hahahah.

Alright, let's talk about my trip!!
So I went on last last Sunday midnight. Transit in Dubai for few hours before continue the trip to Manchester.

I insisted Adi to take this picture to show the unfairness. My seat is the right one, see no plug in front of my seat! =p
Reached Dubai Airport and I couldn't find any sign boards telling that I am in Dubai Airport LOL, so I took this board lol.

It was some time in the morning and we're all hungry so tried the McD in Dubai! =D I had no energy and drop my drink two times -.- first only my drink, second time my burger also jumped from my hand. According to them, I am experiencing jet lag already hahaa

and then we reached Manchester!! =DD but then still need to wait for another 1 or 2 hours plus for the China group to arrive and then we travel to Lancaster together.
and finally after a super long journey I reached my room! Each of us get a single room with attached bathroom =DD and yea yea my room already messy with my stuffs lol.
I was a bit sad at first because my room is in the first floor and first flat, while those people I know like Adi, Jana, Krisho, and Eric (I know them because we need a group), their rooms are in the second floor and they all are together and I am all alone =((. But it doesn't really matter at all so I am good :p.

LANCASTER IS SUPER COLD!!!! OMO. =.= It is a summer program but everyone dresses as in we are in winter program lol. I packed everything for summer, I left my jacket, jeans and other thick stuffs and I regretted it MAX lol. It is so so so cold here in Lancaster, even if this is summer. Fuyoh! So my costumes all are kinda wrong lol lol.

My shirt is very very thin lol, and I only brought thin cardigans lol. It was freezing when this picture is taken but I tried my best to smile happily! After all, I am a happy girl in Lancaster! =DD
LANCASTER UNIVERSITY IS HUGE!!! It has nine colleges and all I can say that it is so big that I might get lost easily there.

Here are some snapshots during our first two days before we went to London:
(Some I snapped using iPhone, G12, some Adi snapped using his camera, and all without any editing haha =D)

Some flowers Adi captured, it is pretty so I put in my blog hahaha

This is the place where we usually have our breakfast and dinner =D
A pic of me during dinner =D See my food? Yups, I also don't now what is that haha.
There are five different universities from five different countries that participate in this summer program: Malaysia, China, India, Pakistan, and Palestine. Apparently Malaysia is the biggest group with 35 students lol, the rest are less than 20. All of us were divided into the different nine colleges, and I get to be in the County College, which I knew no one there lol. My group mates are separated from me, but now I get to know all of them already. There are 11 of us in the County College, we did take a group picture but not using my camera, so I must wait till she uploads to FB only can put haha.

The Chaplaincy. This building is so special for me I don't know why hahaha. The design of this building resembles the logo of Lancaster university. Inside is where all religions could come and pray or attend the services. and this picture is edited in my iphone. =p
When we reached Lancaster, it was Sunday night and we only had dinner and free time wandering around the area. The next day is when we are divided into the colleges and I met my college mates, and we had this college game and a networking session after that, meant to prepare us for the networking session the next day in London.

Alright, I am gonna stop my post here, and do the London post next yayy!!
I love London!!! =DD

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