Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lancaster University Sweat Shirts.

Another one that have many similar pictures..
Bought the sweat shirt so we can show it off in Sunway LOL.
A lot of them bought the maroon one, even the other guys from other countries bought this color too.
Not sure why.. lol
Only me bought the orange one hahaha, and I love it! 
And I guess only Adi bought the blue one as well, coz no small size.

There should be some more pictures of this coz 2 of these we were not looking at the camera.. means we're looking at other camera hahaha, but I don't remember whose and I haven't been tagged in Facebook lol..
Will update once I've been tagged hahaha.

Proud to be part of Lancaster :p

Ok la, all pictures are actually almost the same hahaha.. 

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