Wednesday, August 22, 2012

London Bridge!

I am getting confused. I have 5k pictures in total but every time I wanna blog, I see not enough pictures to be posted lol. How can this be?

Later after our trip to Greenwich, we went to see LONDON BRIDGE. Then I kept singing "London bridge is falling down.. falling down.. falling down..." and Adi almost threw me to the water hahahahahaha.

 Hello =D My OOTD LOL.
A dress I brought from Indonesia. A bag from Esprit that I die die want. :p and A 2pounds of Primark shoes hahaha. The shoes that I brought to UK was broken after one day of walking there ._.

I am acting all cute next to a cold cast verdigris bronze by Jilly Sutton (I googled the name hopefully it's correct haha)

Tower Bridge =D The olympics logo has not been put up there yet when we visited the place.

But it's okay! We still love to take picture there hahaha

Some olympic participants as my background LOL.

Selca-ing with iphone and Adi captured this. I love it! =D 

I am missing this place!!! See how pretty it is!

 In the tube~ hahaha.


London please do love me like I love you~~

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