Wednesday, August 29, 2012

London day 4 - Madame Tussauds & London Apartment

I shall continue my post faster T_T or else I don't know when this uk trip post is going to finish haha..
I am so busy these days.. while I actually have nothing to do..
Knowing that I am so free, everyone booked me for a lunch/dinner date lol..
It's great to see everyone though!! =D

Our London day 4, we went to MADAME TUSSAUDS!!
It was located in the Baker Street, where Sherlock Holmes used to live. 

Feeling like a superstar =p


 Some of them that you can see there.. There are obviously a lot more.. You should come yourself and see :p

Can see my OOTD there! lol

Even though he is not real, but still SO HANDSOME!! :)))

and I found my prince there! Miley is jealous and photobomb us!

My another prince hahaha. My favourite pic!

And a sexy guy lol

Madame Tussauds was nice, there's a 4D show in superhero as well, and it's very nice. I'd like to visit Madame Tussauds in Bangkok as they have Nichkhun wax there lol. I was wondering will they open one in Korea with all the Korean idols? Hahaha. Guys would love to see SNSD wax I guess hahaha. And girls with the Big Bang. Consider that Madame Tussauds? I kinda think it's a good idea lol.

Madame Tussauds,
Marylebone Road,
London NW1 5LR

Later after Madam Tussauds, we need to move from our hostel to the apartment that I have booked earlier when I was in Malaysia. Ever since we reached the apartment, our love to London have increased like 100 times lol. The apartment is just awesome! Comparing to our hostel, it was 100 times better lol lol lol.

Kitchen with all the utensils!!

See that little white thing? That is the WIFI!! And I can move it anywhere I want! Greatest thing in the apartment ever lol


That's Krisho and this is our room. So comfy, don't feel like getting up in the morning hahhaa

Adi and Eric need to sleep there hahaha

There is another one room which is master room for Michelle and Constance, but because when I wanna take a pic of their room, it is already filled with a bunch of things so never mind I said haha

Seriously recommend this flat if you go to London!

Then we just rest in our nice apartment and only went out at night to the Camden Market and watched a movie in Odeon. We watched The Dark Knight Rises and it was so long and boring, we were too tired and sleepy and so the movie become so not interesting hahaha.

That's all for my London day 4!

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