Thursday, August 30, 2012

Till We Meet Again, London.

Alright! My last post about London haha. On Saturday afternoon we went to Stratford to shop :p and it was SUPER CROWDED!!! Olympic park was nearby there so a lot of people are walking there, like mad crowded!

See the crowd!

and at night we went to watch SHREK THE MUSICAL!!!! Dream came true! =DDD

 anddddddd the rest are random pictures in London.. Hahahahaha..

 This was the day when we went to Oxford Street after the London Bridge, and had dinner in this Garfunkel's Restaurant and cost me 65RM to have a bowl of lasagna and a coke float lol. But the lasagna was good!

The Lasagna and The Coke Float in Garfunkel's

I want this badly but I just couldn't decide which one I should get, I want this one, Aurora, and Rapunzel hahaha. Now to think of that I should have just get everything!! =(((

Saw this very cute Pooh and think that Ratna will sure like it! Should have get this for this too -.- aish!

Please enjoy sight seeing now. Hahaha.

Some drawing in tube station hahaha

And finally it is time to go back to Lancaster =(((((( Sad max coz I have been loving London so much lol.

 Travelling like a boss coz we took Virgin trains first class! Hahahaha.

Alright, that's the end of my London posts lol. Sorry to bore you :p will do Lancaster again now~

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