Thursday, August 23, 2012

Trafalgar Square

The day when we went to Trafalgar Square..

 It was crowded due to Olympics (or maybe always crowded but I didn't know :p) and this is a pic of a tour that was so happened, they gathered in front of me.. ahaha..

We asked Terry to help us take pictures..
Every one gave him their cameras lol. Adi's, mine, his, Jana's, Krisho's, Michelle's, Eric's, and Albert's.

Then everyone uploads in Facebook and here are the results hahaha

I just realised that the group is getting bigger lol. I must be too focused on posing LOL.

There should be some more in others' camera, but I am not sure. I just found it pretty nice coz I am right in the middle of every pics and smiling nicely all hahaha.

Tagged another one!


 Coz Terry has helped us so we helped him took a picture too :D

Hahaha. This is actually a very random post :p.

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