Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A 2-hour in Preston

Sorry eh, my trip posts are not gonna be in sequence now lol... Suddenly jump to last day.. (Coz I feel like talking about it hahahahah, after all I am the blog owner right? lol)

The very last day in UK.. Sunday.. The day we need to go back to Malaysia.. Early in the morning, Adi and I hopped onto a bus and ran to Preston (with the hope that we got into a very exciting adventure like suddenly we need to save the world starting from Preston, and then we can't go back to Malaysia coz the world needs us) (of course we didn't wish that) (well, we do wish we don't need to go back Malaysia) (or maybe Adi didn't wish that, only me) (anyway, we still come back to Malaysia).

We promised that we go to Preston early in the morning as in 8 already got into bus. But Adi didn't wake up coz he partied until 4AM.. and I didn't know that! If I knew I would have called him to wake him up, but I only called him like around 8 itself to ask him to go, and he just woke up lol.

So we missed the 8AM bus anddddddd need to wait for the 10AM one.. By the time we reached Preston, it was already 11.30AM.. and we need to catch the 1.30PM bus, so we can reach Lancaster at 2.30PM and reach Lancaster University at 3PM.. Because we need to leave Lancaster at 4PM hahaha..

(I wrote "A Day in Preston" as a title, then realising that we only spent around 2 hours there, I changed the title lol).

And if you think 2 hours is not enough to go around Preston, well.. you are right hahaha! But we managed to go to the museum, go around the city centre, and I even managed to shop LOL..

 Hello Preston! =DD

Preston is a nice city! Better than Lancaster coz it has PRIMARK!! Hahahaha..

Too bad I figured this only the last day T_T if not I don't need to shop so much in Primark London and had a hard time bring back to Lancaster T_T. Can just hop onto a bus and shop here in Preston! Somemore lesser people not like London T_T. Primark's stuffs are very very cheappp!! Especially those sale one.. hahaha.. I managed to get dress for 2pounds.. lol.. 10ringgit! Here sure cannot get T_T shoes also 2pounds.. and I bought a lot of specs!! love them love them! very cheap as well.. like 50pence?! and 1pound.. the most expensive I got is like 2 pounds.. Now I regret should have just bought all I like since they were all very cheappppp and I love specs so much T_T. 

Because we only had 2 hours in Preston, I can't spend a lot of time in Primark or Adi is gonna give me the stare lolol. Actually he won't. But yeah, there are many more things to explore in Preston since I have already went to Primark in London, Manchester, and Liverpool. LOL. I went to every Primark in every city that I went lolol. Guess that's how much I love Primark. lol. Can't believe the stuffs are actually cheaper than Indonesia. hahaha

Coz it was the last day.. and we still have some money, we were like, maybe we should spend by buying something expensive lol. Then we saw French Connection and we were like, let's see if we can see anything worth buying. Fyi, there is no FCUK in Lancaster too hahahaha. So we went in and saw whether there is something to buy. And I got this very cute shocking pink jelly slippers hahahahaha for 12pounds... lol.. I guess this is the most expensive slippers I have ever bought lol. I super like ♥

Adi said must take picture in front of the shop LOL.

Then we walked around the city and explored what we can see. We saw this Harris Museum & Art Gallery, so went in.

I feel like a model in this picture ._.

Inside the Museum ^.^

Hahahahahahaha, don't u think I look like Cleopatra? lol. 

This is a picture of a early family living in Preston.. and guess what.. all of the children are boys.. I read they said until a certain age (forgot.. 12 I think? haha sorry) the kids still wear dress.. That little boy sitting on his mom, Samuel, I thought he was a girl ._. haha, interesting right? And they all are named after important people in the bible.. I especially like Josiah name hahaha. 

Interesting things.. you can smell the thing there.. at first we closed all so we can't see what's inside and tried to guess by the smell.. Apparently we can't guess anything right hahaha.. XDXD that's how bad our sense of smell.

Actually I kinda wonder, is Preston derived from Priest Town?

Coz Adi has helped me take a lot of pictures, here is a picture of him lol.

Done with the museum, we went out and went for a walk around the city centre ^.^

To literature, arts and science. Cool eh? :p

There is a sign saying Museum of Lancashire. We couldn't find it ._. we already went round and round but still can't find it lol.

Either shops are not opened yet or closed coz it's Sunday. Hahaha.

Owsss can see my OOTD hahaha.. That's a tshirt I bought in Liverpool. Great Britain T-shirt, and I super love it! Got it for 4 pounds only if I am not mistaken haha. My shoes are new lol, got it from Primark, guess how much??? 3 pounds people!!! Hahaha.. 15 ringgit only lol.. And it's very pretty ♥ Then I wore black skirt and stocking scared it's cold, and black cardigan =) and my pink Esprit bag.

and see, no one.. hahaha

I like Preston. It's actually a nice city too. Nice to go there one day and play2, but if ask me to stay there forever, I am not sure I can tahan lo, besides city centre, not much things to do. There got a lot of nice buildings too *_* They always have this kind of building in everywhere I visit in UK.. with a big clock there hahhaa. Preston got those ornaments which is nice to see but a bit disturbing for pictures hahahah :p

My God is everywhere I go :)

 It was Sunday so a lot of shops did not open. =( 
1.30 PM and we need to ga back! This is the Preston bus station. Yup it's a bit old I know, but it's big!
Maybe if it's weekday gonna be a lot of people? I am not sure hahaha.

So byebye Preston, till we meet again :)

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